Potarnia (for true potatoes only)


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We’re writing the tales of Potarnia! Let not our battles be forgotten!

The Legacies.
Fellow potatoes, ASSEMBLE!!

We have our Potato One, who is up for the challenge of Potato Two?

Also, my goddess save the Potato One from our former realm/thread


I’ve tried :sob:


Should Potato Two be about evil kween saz’s rise to rebellion?




Okie dokie!


imma be back just gon grab food!


Whoo-wooo! For POTARNIA!!!


The Chronicles of Potarnia
Potato Two

Now, in Potarnia, under the Goddess Potato, there is the Kween Potato. The first Kween Potato was @FreAkIsHly_NorMaL, but she was quickly dethroned. After that, @eliyeda and @Adchez were chosen. Up until that point, there had ever only been one Kween, but Goddess Potato loved them both so much.
But therein was the downfall.
@Adchez sought to gain favor with Goddess Potato through many means and methods, such as flattery and helping with a rebellion led by @eliyeda. Goddess Potato had no choice but to kick @eliyeda into a fryer to stop her rebellion. She then became a ghost. Goddess Potato felt sorry for what she had done, and reincarnated her as a potato, but the Kween was having too much fun being a ghost to notice. She continued to haunt the thread with fellow Ghost, @lennythefox, who had always been reincarnated as a potato but didn’t know it because she kept vanishing.
Meanwhile, evil Kween @Adchez, known as Saz, showed her true colors. She even tried to kill Goddess Potato (even though she’s immortal.) But no matter what she went through–even losing almost all of her hair because it got chopped off after so many hair flips–she remained determined. She even got an evil hench potato, @FreAkIsHly_NorMaL. There were many casualties, and she keep fighting for absolute power.
Quite admirable, actually.
But in the end, peace was restored to Potarnia.
Now whether Kween Saz is still plotting something evil…that has yet to be known.


Wow. Looking back that is some Game of Thrones level madness we went through. I can feel the scars of war just reading that mastery.
(Can’t think of a GOT pun) :thinking:


The sorrow, the drama, the heartbreak, the deaths, the haunting…
It was so much in so little time


And I’m sure we had a few more potatoes in the beginning that just never made it out of the fryer again.
Good queen turned evil. The goddess we keep praying too… We should patent the story before someone gains fame from our sacrifice




Because this is TV drama gold


Though production will cost a fortune on @Adchez wigs and extensions


Oh, and here’s Chapter 1 for recap:

The Cronicles of Potarnia: The Fellowship of the Onion Rings Book One

Potato One

In a distant planet with the name of Wattpatata, lays the realm of Potarnia. The land protected by the long haired Potato Goddess. But not all is peaceful in this land, for it is constantly threatened by the evils of untasty vegetables and fruits, all led by the hands of the evil Kween Potato Saz and her minion Sprout! But that is not all! For even the evil Kween is threatened by greater evils, cannibalism!!! But fear not, this is not a sour story, for the good Kween Potato Sue, along with her trusted knight Lenny, along with her Shapeshifter, will battle the evils out of Potarnia with the army of the undead potatoes from the fryer!! Potarnia will be ruled in peace and harmony thanks to the Fellowship of the Onion Ring, and the Sisterhood of the traveling Potatoes.


Lol yeah really!


I want to be a potato but i’m an avocado disguising as a potato … Can I still take part in Potato History ?


True potatoes only…
But a tleast you aren’t a tomato, so that’s a step in the right direction


my goddess! this is some wicked story we are doing here!!! totally wattpad worthy! Add it to your book on Potato wisdom!