Potarnia (for true potatoes only)


Fear not, my fellow potato, and please no hostility. We have yet to figure things out with @_Stars-Aligned and what pushed her/him to attack us. I was there and threw Stars into the dungeons because he/she became a threat to the realm. But I think there is more to it.


(@_Stars-Aligned Goes by They/Them (to me knowledge, correct me if I am wrong))
You believe there to be more to this evil scheme? What are your thoughts about what the plans could be?


No, I mean I think Stars is misunderstood, and I would like to just talk. They almost killed me, but I can get over it.


They almost killed you and your saying you can get over it?
Damn girl! (Or boy, not assuming sexes here) That is true dedication to your fellow potatoes.
bows down in respect

@chainedinshadow I believe we have a potato prince/princess over here. :arrow_up:


Well, I would have been pissed if I actually died XD. And yes, I am a girl.


Wipes sweat from forehead Whoa! I thought I was going to die there for a second.

And I would’ve probably been pretty pissed to if they killed me :joy:


I would have haunted the thread as a salty ghost


A salty ghost or a salty french fry? :smirk:




Oh, hello there. stops in front of the room door.
Um, sorry about locking you up, by the way.


hahah uwu thank you goddess!

now i can practice black magic mwhaahah


haha im not evil afterall :wink:


yeah yeah whatever :roll_eyes:


hey hey hey dont forget me? i almost died too ;-; (with a rubbish in my hair!!!)


Someone almost died here? o-o


Yes, but it wasn’t Kween Saz :roll_eyes: she is being dramatic


Its fine


… so we good? cuz right now, you’re doing some pretty rash shit on Potanation, my dude. I don’t want this to end sour.


Yeah we’re good


damn, alright. See ya on the battlefield, then.