Potarnia (for true potatoes only)


2 satans


Older or?


holy shit how did you know this was my nickname irl??? looks behind me you’re not stalking me, are you?


Older. I’m the baby of the fam XD. You?


Nice im the babysitter if u know what I mean xD


Girll my bed is sooo comfy right now wouldn’t leave it for a thing!!


I’ll push you if you dare sit on me


Whoa I’m not that kind of babysitter! :joy::joy:


I might tho on accident :thinking: u know my hair always on the way :roll_eyes:


yeah, well I’m 18 so forget the babysitter idea


Aajahh I’m 18 too!
Are u 00 or 01?


00? idk XD


I mean like are you 2000 kid or 2001
But ur older than me if ur 00


ooooh, yeah 2000


Goddess feels young


how old u were goddess? idk if u have said it before xD


I’m younger than both @Adchez and @nonametk


I’m 17.
Younger than me?

(I’m Alessa_Iris)


Im younger than @Ryo_Leo too Groans


This potato has built an empire and a cult all before the age of eighteen…

I feel accomplished