Potarnia (for true potatoes only)




ez revision strat is to jot down everything important and cut it back into a one-pager. everything you need to know, eventually, should be able to fit on one page, so by the time exams roll around, you’ll be able to solve your problems in a heartbeat


what a life tip!


yeah these other potatoes are bullying me ;-;




what are you doing here you little mongrel?


calm down Po! dude just said hi thats all


let us the kweens take care of this


how dare u come to potarnia! xD


Yeah, I started doing that a few days ago and noticed a huge difference! Though it still takes a lot of time to read through twenty-some pages and take notes


I drew a picture of you on Sunday


fine ima let you take this


holy shit that’s amazing!


Hey! That’s mean!`


I just wanted to see what’s up!


Thank you
takes a bow


DAMN! That’s gorgeous.


Lol thanks :blush:
We have gorgeous Kween :wink:


Yes, yes we do. :grin:


Did anyone else know about this?