Potarnia (for true potatoes only)


so how’s your potato life Po?


stressful. I have to go to the doctor soon cuz something may be wrong (don’t wanna go into detail sorry) and I’m a little freaked of what might come out of it.


oh man :slightly_frowning_face: hope everything turns out fine whatever it is! :heart::heart:



I am an immigrant from the sweet potatoes field! Where do I sign up?


same :confounded::confounded:


How does a potato go from one place to another?


It spuds away.


@chainedinshadow I am not sure if this answer is approved. Goddess you must decide. The expected answer is : rolls away XD




how come?


well i finished writing the third short story to my anthology, so i can now spend the entire week editing it ready for upload on friday, peak efficiency


thank the goddesd after thay point its great XD


it do be like that sometimes


I’ve seen you in other threads and you’re all welcome here no need to sign anything!


Oh come on Po don’t be hard on her I’ve finally found my knight! xD



Here’s some oregano out of courtesy. :herb::herb::herb::herb::herb:


dont know what ill do with that but thank you! :joy:


Kinda glad you have an ally now XD


yeah mee too FINALLY! :joy: :joy: now we comin after u mwahaha


you can try :wink: