Potarnia (for true potatoes only)


You cook with it!


How handy!


cook? nahh never done it, my servant @nonametk cooks for me :sunglasses:


just a thought where is your kween huh? arent you worried that she might have left you? :relieved:


not at all, and I am not afraid to be alone


sure sure whatever you say :relieved:


My magic is working guys.


How is your magic working?


Oregano oil.

Oregano is the solution to everything.

Therefore, I must keep going on with my pilgrimage to spread the blessings of the oregano fairy.


Ahhhhh! try’s to sound wise I now understand.

Sread the blessing of Oregano!


Bless you child. :herb:


pls no


Gives baguette.


i have now been appeased


i’m aliveeee!!!

@Adchez @chainedinshadow @nonametk

I’ve been so busy!! two little ones sick, all week, trying to write for the ONC 2019 (I made it to round two!! yay!) and trying not to freak out because I haven’t updated my other story.

Oh and I think I’m sick now too…


oh no! get better soon and it’s totally fine, my Kween


@eliyeda @staymelanated congrats on making it, guys!


i did the do and wrote and edited two short stories in the same week on top of some real life shit at the same time, oof

i am so tired help


damn, that’s some marathon there. Kudos bready boii


we have the oregano kween!