Potential Scam or the Real Deal?


I logged in to Wattpad today and was sent a message by someone who claimed to be an agent from BLVNP publishing, and they wanted to publish one of my books. There was no money offered, and they said to check out their website and email them if I had any questions.

Now, I have been approached by others and it was a scam, so I was wondering if anyone knows if this is a scam as well?


I remember back on the old threads there was a big thread on the industry insider forum that said BEWARE OF BLVNP PUBLISHING. So…yes, I guess.


I would google them and if there’s result check if they’re safe and also report to WP for spam (check ticket record also!) as they should not be contacting users for business.


Scam, scam, scam, scam!


Thanks for the responses!

I am wary of anyone who contacts me on here, but I am happy to see that I wasn’t being paranoid. I checked out theirs website, and it looked legitimate and they have published wattpad authors before, but I am just going to hold back.

@dreamsmadereal I didn’t read that thread. Do you remember what was talked about?


Basically they are just a bad publisher with a horrible contract. That they have to approach writers on Wattpad honestly says it all. Reputable publishers don’t do that unless you have millions of views in a hot genre. (And even then, it’s only happened a handful of times.)

Seriously – avoid.


I try checking but it says my connection is not private so they might steal something.

Be aware please :sweat_smile:


It did that with me.


I tried checking as well, and as soon as it said the connection wasn’t secure, I backtracked.


I don’t think I read through it, since I don’t come to this neck of the forums often, but I can say it was a long thread and always at the very top of that particular club. I think it was even pinned.


Oh almighty Zarquon, haven’t they collapsed yet? I remember the thread about them on the old forums. It was longer than some novels. I don’t think we ever reached a decision about whether they were actively trying to cheat writers or were just completely clueless about how to run a publishing company, but either way they’re not someone you should trust with any of your writing. Run like hell in the opposite direction.

(I suppose, after all this time, they might have seen the error of their ways, but if they had, they would’ve stopped using that name, since everybody associates it with evil and/or incompetence. The fact that they’re still soliciting writers from Wattpad (which is against Wattpad’s Ts&Cs, as has doubtless been pointed out to them several times) suggests they haven’t reformed.)


have you reported them? Soliciting is not allowed.


Yes, I reported them.


Good! They should not have hassled you in the first place. This sort of thing gets people’s hopes up and then dumps them back down. Not fair!


I got their message a few hours ago and replied to them. I had gotten so excited and thought wow my book will be published. I have been approached by some other people before but this one looked legit. I’m SO glad I read this topic here or else I’d have proceeded with their publishing process. Ugh! I gave them my email ID and they sent me some messages about the publication process. I’ll block them.

What caused me to check about them here is that when I checked out their website, I was redirected to advertisements many times. Like I touched the menu button and an ad popped up in another tab. Like ~professional~ companies don’t put such ads on their sites


I do wish the BLVNP thread had gotten transferred over here in the club move. There was so much great information in that thread.

Basically stay away. They’re not a scam in the sense they charge you, but they’re just a bad publisher. I’ve read some of their samples and there are editing mistakes that, as far as I’m concerned, an entry level editor should’ve catched. If I can catch it, they should since I’m actually really bad at self editing.

I’ve been approached by them a couple of times and usually get a message like “a friend has a publishing company that I think you’d be a great fit for” the first time I admit I was flattered. I didnt go for it because I was not remotely ready to publish and i knew it. Second time i went ahead and researched them and saw just how shoddy the editing was. To me that’s just a huge red flag right off the bat before even getting to a contract.