Potential Wattpad Feature. Writer Feedback Wanted! [30 minutes required]

Hey Y’all,

My name is Danielle, and I work on a team at Wattpad HQ called StoryDNA. We’re looking at how the data models we use internally to help us to analyze stories, can be used externally to help writers improve their writing.

What is this? :face_with_monocle:
This is an opportunity for you to take a look at a hypothetical Wattpad feature called "Story Insights Report" that my team is exploring. It is not something that can be built overnight, so we want to understand what writers like you think about it before we invest time in building it.

What we need your feedback on: :nerd_face:
We need your honest feedback about our mock “Story Insights Report” dashboard. It involves clicking through the mock dashboard, and completing a survey on what you just saw. This will take approximately 30 minutes of your time. If that is too much time, don’t start this feedback process.

What are the requirements for providing feedback? :writing_hand:
1. Desktop/Laptop Computer: this mock feature can only be clicked through on a desktop or laptop computer (it does not work well on mobile)
2. Writers: we are specifically looking for writer feedback. Whether or not you’ve written two story parts or completed six stories does not matter, just as long as you’ve started writing on Wattpad.
3. Your honest and careful assessment: please don’t rush through this survey. We want your careful assessment on what you see.

Ok I’m in. Where do I start? :raising_hand_woman:
On a computer (not a phone)? Do you write on Wattpad? Have 30 minutes carved out to provide feedback? Ok then, go ahead and click on this link to start the feedback process and see the mock Story Insights Report: https://forms.gle/8mv7vdB3goPEXMRR7 :point_left:

I will leave this post open for 1 week, and then I will close it. No more pieces of feedback will be received after June 17th.

Alright! I have 30 minutes to kill. And I loooove data. Tagging @SapphireAlena cuz she a data nerd too! Will get right to it


Amazing! Thanks @Sam_le_fou!


Wow… this sounds very interesting! I’ll have to read closer in about half an hour to see the details.


I’d be very interested. Always eager for more insights on my writing. Not got half an hour right this secnd though. Hopefully later once my work is done. Commenting mostly to get notifications so I don’t forget :smiley:


Glad you’re interested! It’s a fun potential feature to give feedback on!


Awesome @AuraliaMinnet! I’ll make sure to ping you again so you don’t forget too :wink:


If it takes the average person 30 minutes, it’s probably going to take me an hour. cracks knuckles


There is a in-buiolt comment tool inside the interactive project. Can we use it?

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Hey @Sam_le_fou - there is but we are not activating it as we don’t want writers seeing other writer’s comments and biasing their opinions on what they see.


Done. Think it took me about 25 mins.

You might want to deactivate it as I can access it pretty easily. But I’m done tinkering with the tool. Its…very, veeeeeeeeery good. I do have a couple of things to do, but overall, is all we’ve asked!


I shall return after work!


Just finished! Left some answers with “nothing” because I really did not see anything exceptional/terrible, but an answer was required.



Final coments: dont put it behind a paywall :eyes:


Lol, same


Thanks @LailaLiliana!

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I finished the survey.

I hope this isn’t just a premium perk. The writers on here has survived by relying on each other for feedback. Having this as a perk for being premium will not make most of the writers on here get premium accounts. You’ll just piss them off. xD


@Sam_le_fou, thanks uncle sam for liking. Btw, love your book!


I understand why they’d put it behind a paywall though. The software needed for these kinds of tools isn’t cheap and is difficult to code.