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Both! This is my new secondary account for fanfics (specifically Harry Potter, possibly other fandoms in the future). I also have a primary account with a whole lot more stories there. I’ve glanced at your profile and I’m going to read “All My Love” for sure.

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oh that’s sweet! I quickly glanced your profiles when I gave a follow too but didn’t have time to look a lot! Will check out your stuff for sure!
All My Love is a collab with a friend of mine. We’re a little behind in updating (its been a while since we’ve been able to brainstorm together) but I’ve been working on Our Little Infinity a lot recently and will hopefully be updating weekly!

Hi. I’m Maria and I love to crossover. Since magic has no limits, I cross multiple magic fandoms. BECAUSE WHY NOT?
My current WIP crosses HP with Merlin, ROTG and Frozen.
I’m planning a sequel which will add Percy Jackson and you can’t stop me.

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Oooh that’s awesome!

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Hey, everyone! You can call me Light if you want. I’m a proud Gryffindor who loved both the books and movies growing up :blush:

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Do you write or just read?

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I’m April, and I’m a Ravenclaw. I mainly write Harry Potter fanfiction. I currently have just one book on Wattpad, The Unspeakables, but I’m actually working on writing the third book in the series (I’m revising the first one and uploading the revisions).

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i would totally read the sequel!


Oh awesome! Will have to check that out for sure!
I have three different fanfics on the go at the moment.

Both! I don’t write for Harry Potter but used to read the fanfiction alot. People have really cool ideas for stuff in the wizard world!

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Sweet! yes I absolutely adore fanfic and writing some of my own! it’s a great way to keep living in the world after the actual stories ended! honestly I had so many ships and cannons after I finished reading the books a few years ago that I couldn’t help myself lol

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I do too, and I agree, especially because both the books and the main movie series is over, it’s a great way to stay connected to that world. I missed Harry and the other characters so much after Deathly Hallows that’s why I started reading the fanfics!

What’s like, your all-time ship, by the way, since you say you have a lot xD

Also, I totally just followed you cause your books look pretty awesome xD I love to see what people have to say about the Marauders. I don’t know why they haven’t made a movie about them yet, like seriously :joy:

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ahhh I KNOW RIGHT!?!?

I think Jily is probably number one OTP since, like you said, there is no book or movie just on the Mauraders (which is also completely crazy). I hope JK decides soon to make a book for them. I mean I’m pretty content with fanfics on them but also I’d love her version of it haha.

But also Romione is also still top of my list since again, their romance isn’t really in the books or movie at all. Obviously we know that they end up together but it skips so much of their life.

Have you read the Cursed Child?

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Awh, Jily :sob: Yeah, I need a JK story about them ASAP.
Yeah, I’ve read some great Marauder fanfics too, but I want to see what story she had for them, too. I think I watched a documentary about her, it was about her life, and how she came up with the books, and I think she had a timeline or some type of thing about them. I can’t remember exactly but she definitely has something xD She’s just hiding it from us xD

Yes, Romione! I mean…I get why people ship Harry and her together, but I don’t know she and Ron are just meant for each other. xD They have that adorable couples thing where they’re constantly teasing each other and stuff. It’s cute!

And yes, I’ve read Cursed Child. Honestly? I have mixed feelings about it. I love the kids! But the idea of Voldemort having a kid? Uh…ew xD

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UGHH yes!!

I don’t understand the Harry x Hermione ships either. Also because Ginny is just meant to be with Harry obvi so why would anyone want it any other way? I can’t read fanfics that put them other than their actual couples cause it drives me crazy!

YES okay so cursed child just got me all frustrated. I mean I kind of get the idea of Voldemort having a child. It makes sense. Bellatrix was totally insanely obsessed with him. Not gonna lie before it came out and I read it I totally had an idea that was basically the same thing as the actual storyline of it. Just set in a different time period. But I adore the next generation of kids! And I love reading fanfics about them because it’s just so cute!

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Yeah, it’s official; she has probably a whole thing written about them but it’s hidden from the fans xD
I just love Harry and Hermione’s platonic relationship. It’s goals xD

Yeah, like, some people say it reminded them of a fanfiction…I mean, yeah? In a way? Especially with the whole Voldemort having a kid. But why I personally didn’t like that was just the idea of him and Bellatrix even being a thing for a second. Like yeah,she was already high key obsessed with him, but then…ew, it’s just gross to even think they were together!

But all in all, oh my gosh, especially Scorpius? I love that kid, he’s just a bean. Precious bean.

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Very accurate I think. I HOPE she decides to share it with us one day soon…

I know it’s SUPER gross. I think I read somewhere that she used a love potion on him? Like it wasn’t actually a thing she tricked him because of her obsession.

Ahh Scorpius is SUCH a bean!! xD I love the whole story around the next gen because there is so much left to the imagination!

I know! :sob:

And oh my gosh, that makes it worse! :nauseated_face: Bellatrix has so many issues man xD It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if that was canon, cause she was next level obsessed with this dude

Yes, I love Scorpius! He is so not like his dad at all :joy: Every time he’d come up in a scene I would have this big smile on my face, cause that’s just a good character. And I agree, as awesome at it was to leave Deathly Hallows for us to imagine what happened with their kids, it was nice to see her take on it.

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Yes soo great! He’s honestly one of my favourites by far. He’s just so pure and exactly, complete opposite of his father. Which I think is something that makes him so great. He’s not at all what you would expect. But I think too the whole story of Draco and Astoria(?) is maybe that she melowed him out a lot, which is why Scorpius is so chill compared to him. And with her dying the two of them are a lot closer for it.

Also I know Teddy wasn’t mentioned much (or at all?) but his storyline is one that I think about so often.

Geez I love thinking about all this is just gives me all the feels :smiley:

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Everyone needs to have a Scorpius in their life, I think that’s all I’m gonna say about him now :rofl: But yeah, that’s so what makes him great, is that you think Malfoy, you think of a rich, snobby jerk, but he’s not like that at all, so that’s a great little twist there! And yeah, I’m sure that she probably brought Draco down a few notches, I can totally see that. Cause…he still has a little bit of that old personality, but when he sees Harry again for instance, he’s so much different than he was. And her death probably humbled him more too.

Oh my gosh, yes, Teddy! Throughout the whole book I was waiting for Teddy’s appearance but he never really showed up and that was so disappointing! I wanted to see how he did growing up without his parents, and what kind of wizard he turned out to be.

I know, I’m having so much nostalgia right now. (minus the whole Voldemort/Bellatrix thing…I’m getting flashbacks :rofl:) But I really miss being a new fan of Harry Potter and like…spending time in middle school just devouring the books.

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