Practicing Covers: Fakes & Premades | On Hiatus

Here’s a collection of covers I’ve made over the past month either as random stories (T.D. Sequoia isn’t real, obviously), or for those who have requested them. I’m just practicing because I find it calming. I use Procreate on the iPad for all of my covers, so complicated manipulations just aren’t possible without an incredible amount of work (I used to have Photoshop, but I’ve lost access to it).

Feel free to request. The form is down below! Please follow this form exactly. And when I say short synopsis, I mean a couple of reasonable sentences at most. Thanks!

Subtitle (if applicable):
Author Name:
Short Synopsis:
Style (simple, colorful, geometric, dark, etc.):

If you want to download whatever I make, you can. You can also request any of the covers I made (premades) with a title and author of your choosing. I’m just having fun with it.


EYYY. Make the cover to Emiliana’s horrible story xD To anyone else, Emiliana is a character, by the way. I’m not being awful to someone who’s real.

Title: The Curse of Iron and Ice
Subtitle (if applicable): King of Wolves
Genre: fantasy romance
Short Synposis: Princess Sita’s kingdom is overthrown by the country of Aegernon—and as a prize, the King of Wolves takes her for himself. He’s violent, cruel, unruly, and she refuses to bown down to him. But there’s more to him than meets the eye, and she may even want to save him from time itself as his sanity slips away.
Style: I don’t know… Hmm. Probably dark. Emiliana would want it edgy.

Oh my god, that’s a great idea. I gotchu.

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Here’s one draft!


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Oooh. I like that giant circle, it’s like the moon. I haven’t seen that before. The picture itself looks a wee bit more like paranormal than fantasy romance. Emiliana would adore the arrangement of the title though to death lol.

That is the moon. Pretty neat. Did it in an eclipse sort of way. I can add in more fantastical elements to the next draft I do, though. The title I worked so hard on, so I’m probably keeping that out of everything else. I figured she’d like to base her arrangement off of the coveted ACOTAR. lol

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: She so would. And that’d be half of the reason she likes it so much xD

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Book Title: Angel Diaries
Name: Rayven Luna Nite
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Color Schemes: First book goes between the settings of Heaven and Hell, have fun (maybe just like lightning between the two schemes or something?)
Certain Images: A black haired angel with wings and a halo in front of the color scheme
Book Description:
Mystic Realms Book 1
“Whoever said one person can’t make a difference was wrong.”
I’m Nyxie, an angel of Heaven. Or at least I used to be. Why? Well, during the wars of Heaven and Hell, I turned on Heaven. Why? Love, but this isn’t your typical love story-at all. I fell from grace and now live in Hell. And ya know what, I regret nothing!
But in a realm where demons still despise and even kill angels, can I survive or will Hell swallow me like the sinners it judges? I’m living life in a new and dangerous place.
(Translations at bottom of chapters)
Fantasy|Romance|Action|Drama|Psychology|Mature Themes In Some Chapters (TW’s Given)
Psychology in terms of mental illness

So this isn’t going to look good, but whatever lol. I don’t do anime/cartoon-based covers. They’re less than professional. This isn’t great. Couldn’t find any good angel pictures. But here ya go!

If you end up using it, just credit me for it. :ok_hand:

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Oh my God! That’s awesome! She even has black wings and hair in the story! Wow! I’ll credit you whether I use it or not, as everyone who helped gets a chapter in the book

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Would you like to go for the second book?

Sure, why not?

Awesome! I love the first cover!
Book title: Goddess Diaries
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Color Scheme: between Hell and the Greek Underworld (have fun with the Underworld, full creative control)
Certain Images: a black hair woman with bat wings on the cover, also in front of the scheme
Mystic Realms Book 2- Sequel to Angel Diaries
Hell has accepted me as their Goddess. At least they’re sure of me, because I’m not.
I still have no idea what the hell I’m doing or if I’m even doing a good job. My life is just a mystery at this point, I never know what’s going to happen next.
And when tragedy strikes, I put myself through a nightmare for the family I love.

(Translations a bottom of chapters)

Fantasy|Romance|Action|Drama|Psychology|Mature Themes In Some chapters (TW’s Given)
Psychology in terms of mental illness

Cool! I’ll get started on it tomorrow.

Thank you! Take your time :slight_smile: :blush:




Slight difference in title for the second, if the first is too busy. :slight_smile:

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I love them both! Thank you so much!

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No problem!

Title: Blissful Blooms
Subtitle (if applicable):
Author Name: Coral Scholes
Genre: Romance
Short Synposis: Daisy found it difficult watching her mother deteriorate, knowing that there was nothing she can do other than support her. Since her mother’s diagnoses, Daisy’s life has been anything but simple and that was before she met Kyle Rhodes, a member of the new and upcoming band Five Ways. Not only did he make her feel alive again, he made her fall and make mistakes. Mistakes she would inevitably blame herself for.
Style (simple, colorful, geometric, dark, etc.): Something romantic and loving, if possible something with flowers in it would be great. But whatever you think would work well!!

How about these?

I just like to add in details like the first one with the brown strip on the left. If you use either, I just want credit. :slight_smile:

And if you want anything changed, let me know.