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What do you use to make the covers? They’re really good!

Thank you!

I use Procreate on the iPad. I have an Apple pencil so it makes it super easy. Although the most recent one took forever because I had to cut out those flowers.

Thanks! I’m new and trying to find the best way to make covers for stories :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have access to Adobe Suites?

I don’t

Adobe InDesign is my favorite program to use for covers. Photoshop is good for editing images for the cover. But if you don’t have access to those, Procreate is 20 bucks (waaaay cheaper) and another option is Gimp on PC. Free. I’d look into those for sure.

Okay, I will look into them. Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it!

Bump :slight_smile:

They are lovely, thank you so much for taking the time to create these! If I use them I will be sure to give you credit!!

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TItle: The Storyteller
Author’s Name: S. de Mon-Ange
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Short Synopsis: the book follows the adventures of three main characters, an Angel named Malak, a Half Demon named Donovan and a Human named Barin. Malak is a Messenger of Peace and her mission is to find a way to put an end to the war and give back to the Kazjéh the freedom they’ve been fighting for, whereas Donovan and Barin fight for the Four Sultanates’ will to win against the Kazjéh and make them become their personal weapons, as they have lethal magic powers and abilities
Mood: something simple and dark that recalls the desert. I’d like the title written in burning letters and a warrior in armor and with a two-handed sword walking in a desert if you can do it

Thank you in advance! :blush:

Hi, I did this instead. I’m not great with a bunch of effects and it looks like you’ve got a lot of covers going for you already. Here’s a different take on your ideas.

Would you be able to redesign one of my own covers? I included them so you can get an idea of the image I have.
Title: Pale Reflections
Genre: psychological horror
“When you look in the mirror… Who looks back?” (Quote on the cover)
From Luna’s Journal:
“I’m not sure what’s real anymore. I’m not even sure if I’m real. I look in the mirror now and then, but I always feel like someone else is looking back. I don’t look in mirrors anymore.”
Luna Desmond suffers from blackouts, debilitating migraines and hears disembodied voices. As if that wasn’t bag enough, new clothes and writing from mysterious people start showing up-and it’s not from get roommate Ally either. As her blackouts worsenand the voices get louder, Luna develops severe anxiety. Luna decides she needs help before her sanity collapses.

Can Luna save herself before it’s too late?

((Coming soon to my profile))
Current cover
(I did this myself but not too happy with it. Please keep the “Fight? Flight? Survive!” on the cover as well, that’s the tag line of the book. No need to do a cat’s eye, I’ve cut that part of the story out.

Title: Love Has Its Barriers
Subtitle (if applicable):
Author Name: binarybits
Genre: Fanfiction | Romance
Short Synposis:As Sans walked along the steps of the front door, he found himself taking a step back and giving it one last line of thought. They’ve told puns through the door, shared times of laughter, found comfort on the surface, and always found his plastered smile disappearing whenever he was with her. For once in his life, his smile didn’t tire him. For once, he really could smile after work, tell puns with pleasure, and found himself not having to spend the nights drinking at Grillby’s. He didn’t need a hangover for joy, he had someone he trusted for it instead. He was…a bit of a pessimist at times, and only brought his best face forward for his brother, Papyrus. Whenever he was with Tori however, he could feel his heart soaring…even if he didn’t have one. For Tori, he didn’t just do it to entertain. Her smile brought a smile to his own, whether he was giving out witty wordplay or listening to one of hers. Of course he knew it was not just about him. He knew he had to address his most prominent concern.
“How would Tori feel?”
Style (simple, colorful, geometric, dark, etc.): A style similar to this one, if possible (I love the white mist, and the title and author the way it was arranged here!):

Additionally, I already have images you’re free to use in the cover!:

Hi. Here’s several drafts. Let me know what you think!


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Not really sure if this is what you were looking for. I’m not good with covers such as this. Hope this works!

This looks wonderful, thank you!

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Title: Mr. Cyclone Eyes
Quote : Her smiles were from brain but tears were from heart.
Author Name: Alluring Nightmares
Genre: Humor, Action romance
Synopsis: Jonah King, a typical no-nonsense businessman + the most feared dude in the city. He believes love is for the jobless and wants others to just drop everything and obey. Magazines claim him to be the ‘most-eligible-bachelor’ , ‘sexy satan’ etc. but he never gave a damn. All he cares about is his business.

Arianna Hills, a hot and sweet beauty with an awfully tragic life, but no one can notice her tears behind her terribly good ‘fake smiles’. Sarcasm and food are her best friends and dance is her passion. Full of humor and weird jokes, she also has an emotionless side that she only shows after being terribly hurt. What possibly can He do to make it surface?

At a club, what happens when a psychiatrist and a hottie business-lad meet?.. DRAM-UH follows with romance
Style: Blueee and dark shades of pink and purple (but majorly turquoise and ocean blue)

Could you do something with this image?
Book title on top, tag line “Fight? Flight? Survive!” on bottom and author name Rayven Luna Nite under that?

Hi, do you think you could help me make a cover for my story? Hehe, so sorry to trouble you! :smile:

Title: Deception

Subtitle: between the heart and mind

Author Name: summeramigo

Genre: Action/Teen Fiction/Fantasy/Sci-fi/Supernatural/Romance (sorta) (ish, it’s a mixture of lots of genres)

Synopsis: Lucia Lim has never considered herself anything along the lines of extraordinary, but when her father’s death seems to entail more than it holds, she has to deal with the aftermath. In a world of malicious sabotages, and devilish secrets, Lucia realises that trust seems to be a very fine line in this world.

Style: something that’s like dark purple-ish to blue-ish with like fades, and maybe a picture of a boy and girl

Thank you so much!!! :innocent:

The image quality is bad so the cover isn’t great but here it is: