PREMADE COVERS by a Fox |O P E N| (NEW Face Claim Premades!!)



Offered styles: Manip, minimalist, face claim covers, trilogy set covers, and, free for commercial-use covers :slight_smile:

How it works: You can Reserve a cover up to a week if you don’t have your story up yet. You can TAKE a cover if you do have your story up or you have a story for the cover (doesn’t have to be posted on Wattpad. Even just a link to a Google docs is fine as long as we know you are going to use it for something).

Payment is to read something of mine (it’s not much, I swear) BUT if Magic Fox sees you are a good human, he MIGHT give the second cover you request FOR FREE. Premades will be added often so…you may want to keep an eye on the book if you don’t see anything you like right now.

You can find the form: here

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Illusions - Premade Fantasy Covers Duo Shop [o p e n]

EXAMPLES a.k.a Covers so far

(I apologize for the haze on the collages. I did that so no stealing would happen and so that there is a bit of surprise when you click through to get a better look at the covers.)









More added below!!


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a fox made them








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It won’t let me post the form…says I’m trying to post more than 5 links -I only put one to my story-

Is there another method of contact I could use to send the form?


You’ll see the actual shop is on my profile.

The form is there :slight_smile: I would appreciate if you wrote out the form there instead of here.


Ah I’ve already got it typed out, thanks though! I know most people tend to like it on the forum and not “cluttering” up their pages~


I have a story in need of a new cover. The one I have is lovely, but I’m looking for something more dark-fantasy inspired that matches my usual aesthetic.

Please let me know if you ever get a face/portrait style cover or “Pinterest” inspired pre-made with a regal-looking redhead! You’ve got some lovely choices with blondes, brunettes, and alas–redheads are so hard to find! laughs

*~ Alayna (@JadedElegance)


You gave me an idea for two new collections: Redhead collection and dark fantasy collection :smiley: I love doing these collections, they’re so much fun :stuck_out_tongue:





I’m glad I helped give you ideas via two of my favourite things! I’m going to keep an eye out…your collections are awesome!


Added new collection!



Another new collection!




Someone has been asking for a dark fantasy collection.

Foxes like granting wishes after said human supposedly forgot about said wish.

Here’s a dark fantasy collection :wink: