Premade Covers

Cover Premades

Hi everyone!
I will be posting my premade covers here for you guys to request!

Payment is 1 comment on either Saving Scarlet or Inspired by Prompts.
Please do the payment after acceptance but before being given the cover.

Premade Title:
New Title:
New Authors Name:

Covers are in the next comment!

no one killed 3 the fall of an angel seasons aelins 2 barred City of Angels 2 Masquerading By The Sea Heavens Above into the woods


your covers are so beautiful!! i especially love ‘the fall of an angel’


Those look really good.

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Thank you! :heart:

Thank you!


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Will have some more covers up soon.

I would like to request one of the covers. But since you said you’re going to post more, I’ll wait!

PS: they’re gorgeous!