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Ohhh okay. Lately I’ve had to use wattpad on pc because the app just doesn’t show me anything anymore ._. I’m wondering if I should erase it and redownload the app itself. But I’m glad it shows t now :smiley:






Note to ambassadors: please try not to close this thread even if I don’t happen to bump it in quite a while. It will be in use again eventually.



  1. first link (or) second link First

  2. cover title The Faery Meadow Series (5 books in the series) YES I would like all 5

  3. your title Series name The Innocence Series Book 1 Beautiful innocence Book 2 'Till Proven Innocent Book 3 Fear of Innocence Book 4 I’m Not Innocent Book 5 Her Tainted Innocence

  4. author name Ash Stepp
    (will be case sensitive for some covers so please be specific)

  5. additional text (if you have any) NA

  6. additional details and how the cover fits your story
    The first one seems very light and innocent. The second one is darker and mysterious. The third has the darkness and the anger of the main antagonist of this book. The fourth one shows the badness of the main antagonist and has the main symbol of the book (Fire) on it. The last one shows the girl from the first one as someone different. Now she’s wearing black and doesn’t seem as innocent now

  7. password

  8. Anything else: The first book, I was waiting for a cover to post The other books I can post just the “Hello!” sections of them for now until it’s time to get to writing them.


Yeet I’m so sorry—those ones are in use o.o

I made you wait so long too >.<


It’s alright


The covers you requested will all be available within a month—the current owner will be having her covers redone elsewhere.

Do you still want them?

However, please note that I will not be giving covers out to books that only have a ‘Hello’ section as I can not be sure the actual story will really end up being written.


Yes and OK… The stories should b started right after one another with the exception that I have to leae Wattpad for a little while for personal reasons… I of course have the main stories planned and the first one is being written and revised


You have no idea how many people told me in their requests that their stories were already written and only needed a cover for it to be published but it never gets published, or does with only a few flimsy chapters. I’m sorry for being a bit skeptical; please don’t take it personally.

I’ll deliver the cover right away if and after a few chapters of the first book is published.

It’s just really hard to just give these covers away to a series that may or may not end up being written; after I give the first one away and the requester decides that they will not be writing a series after all, the other four covers pretty much becomes unusable unless I can somehow rack up an idea of how to make them visibly different from the first.


It’s alright… So if I publish the first few chapters, would I be able to get the covers?


I’ll give you the first cover after the person still using it changes it to a new one. She hasn’t gotten them redone just yet.


OK… I’m probably going to wait until the ONC is over to start posting anyway since it’s alot of work. When I’m not working on that I’ll be working on the first book in order to be able to post it


Alright. This is her, if you might have been wondering. You can maybe talk to her about taking the covers as well. She doesn’t seem too keen on me giving them away although it was already in the description of my services that covers will be turned back into pre-mades when they are no longer in use.


I was on the old posts and saw cIuns… my heart lurched until I realized it was from weeks, even months ago. I’m deded ; ~ ;


@_Stars-Aligned @astrxphoria

My graphic designer for the new covers should have my new ones done in a few weeks. You are free to make them premades and do as you wish with them as we discussed via inboxing on the new covers. Similarly to what we discussed, as an author, I will be sad to see them go for many reasons. I really did like them a lot, but there are a few minor things I think need added in their design to mirror the storyline a little better.

Thank you for making them for me, it meant a lot to me and I appreciate the effort you put into making them<3 Also, good luck on your series @_Stars-Aligned and happy writing:)


Thank you! Good luck to you on yours as well :slight_smile: :slight_smile: