Pretty In Punk Book Club open for new members

For those of you who’ve missed out on Round One, you’ve got two more days left to sign up and join the most Punk Rock book club here on Wattpad.

We’re not ok, might be blurry faced, definitely not afraid to die, but most of all - we are the lions, free of the Colosseums, ready to maul the world like a carnival bear set free!

Don’t miss out! Limited spots left!
Go to @PrettyInPunkBookClub to avoid disappointment :skull:

We offer:
:skull: Constructive criticism
:skull: A book of the week feature
:skull: A Discord chat for members
:skull: Weekly rounds on a partner system
:skull: A close community with a sense of friendship
:skull: Montly writing promp competitions
:skull: A review book

Hurry, only 13 spots left!!



Can’t wait for more members! :heart:

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I have a few new followers and people I’m following that I can TRY AND ADD. (you’ll get that when you see my book club comment/mini meltdown). Here goes: @SongofTheNightengale @RyanChimes @guywortheyauthor @BlueSmiles1 @mothaofstunna


You rang?

Oh, look! A book club!


I did ring. And yes, a book club. A fun book club!

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Sounds cool!!!


I like the Psychedelic Furs reference. I can play “Pretty in Pink” on my guitar. It is a lot of fun.

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You guys open for another member to sneak in? Let me know!

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Definitely!!! We’ll be waiting

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whoot whoot @LeViNeFrEaK just applied

Do you know when the next round is posted?

This Sunday or early Monday

Gotcha! Wasn’t sure if I had missed the season yet! Look forward to getting things started. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to having you on board!

thank you for adding me

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You’re welcome. I hope you apply! It’ll be fun!! :grinning::purple_heart:

Hello, is there a vacancy for me?

Of course! If you jump in now, we’ll add you to the next round :heart:

Okay, thanks :grinning:

Hey! How do I apply? @BrittaSwann thanks for recommending this book club!