Preventing copyright violations


That is so not true. Most stories are not worth someone’s time to steal.

All my self-published books are on Smashwords (because it’s the easiest way to aggregate distribution to a large number of retailers. It’s not dumb in the least. It, and Draft2Digital (the biggest competitor to Smashwords) are tools used by virtually hundreds of thousands of self-published authors.


Thank you so much for the welcome, info and links!


You misunderstood what I meant. I post to free story sites like wattpad. But only stories that I intend to keep free and not sell. But when I write novels to sell, the first time they appear publicly is when they’re for sale on Amazon. That’s when they leave my computer.


Oh, sorry. I got you now. Thanks for the clarification.


Most people? Really? And what do you have to back that up with?