Pride Month - Give Me Your Books That Feature LGBT+ Pride!

Hi guys!

To celebrate LGBT Pride Month, I want to read some books that feature Pride in some way! I’d only like works that feature an LGBTQA+/queer protagonist.

All genres welcome! (Fantasy or Sci-Fi Pride would be amazing!)

Thanks in advance!


now i wanna write it omg

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Main Genres: Dark Fantasy / Dreampunk / Magical Girl.
Sub Genres: Action / Thriller / Vampire / LGBTQ.

Rating: Mature.
Warnings: sexuality, violence, self-harm (3rd chapter), emotional trauma.

Promises are meant to be kept, but a promise to save a beloved sister leads a group of magical girls into a dream of many literary landscapes. Out of this dream of Carroll’s wonderlands and Poe’s nightmares comes a monster that threatens to invade the waking world. Their promise forms the opening act of a play they can’t stop, so to stop this monster’s debut into their world, they must play their parts, but for one unlucky player, death is only the beginning. If you love fight scenes, quirky magical girls, twisty plot lines, Gothic settings, the possibility of dreams, and the uncertainty of nightmares, this story is for you.

Link: (on-going)


Mine is a fantasy novel featuring a lesbian protagonist.


Sylvia, the daughter of an ambitious London dressmaker, has always wished she could live inside one of her mother’s fairytales. So when she is sent away to Dartmoor to escape the Blitz, it feels like a dream come true. But the dream quickly becomes a nightmare when she wanders too deep into the woods one day and is abducted by Der Erlkönig: the ruthless King of the Underwood. Insisting that her family owes him a great debt, he forces Sylvia into servitude, locking her within the confines of his castle. Trapped in a world of spirits and monsters, she must use her skills as a seamstress to work off her debt and earn back her freedom. But when she meets the King’s mortal gamekeeper-a Slavic beauty named Sasha-her needlework begins taking on a life of its own. As the two women grow closer, so do Sylvia’s new “talents” slip from her control. It isn’t long before her abilities come to the attention of the King, who appears to have other uses in mind for them…


I recommend this is one by @rhymeswithfry . It features an FtM protagonist


Hildegund is always getting in trouble for acting too masculine. If it was up to her she would have been born a boy, but that’s not how the world works. Or, at least that’s what she has always believed. Then, Hildegund gets the opportunity to dress as a young man during a pilgrimage east. Along the way she will face challenges, heartbreak, and will finally be able to ask the question: How can wearing male clothes be a disguise when it feels so authentic?

This is the story of a journey across continents and across genders.

Set in 12th century Europe and inspired by a true story.


I also recommend this one by @CCKens


Cara Lee is cold, awkward, highly OCD and she is defininly not a people person. She spends most of her days in her luxury apartment away from any social interaction. After having two successful stories published, she has hit a writing block. Not only that, but she’s losing money and the only way to keep her apartment is to get a roommate.

Hannah Bailey has traveled the world and has never found a place to call home. Tired of living at her agency’s model apartments, she decides to settle down in one place. She finds a beautiful apartment and the only issue with it is an unhappy roommate.

Cara and Hannah come from two different worlds. Hannah represents everything Cara disliked about people. Hannah who is used to being well liked can’t help, but become intrigued by Cara’s indifference to her. Can she melt her new roommate’s cold exterior and show her that maybe she can like at least one person?


Thanks for the shoutout :smile:

But seriously, @KR_Williams, you should check out the above-mentioned Into the Underwood . It has an enthralling plot, beautifully written prose, and characters that you can’t help but fall in love with.


HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! :tada::tada::tada:

My story Silent Hill: Angel features a 15 years old LGBT+ protagonist named Angel who’s going through a special case of puberty and hiding all the symptoms from his family and friends. However, unfortunately for him, he entered a hellish town called Silent Hill that torments its people by creating a personalized nightmare based on their fears and inner struggles.

It’s a psychological horror story that has been added to several official reading lists from @LGBTQ , @Fright , and @Paranormal Wattpad official profiles.

P.S. The secret won’t be out until the end of Chapter 7: Growing in Secret.


Heya, happy pride everyone! :rainbow_flag:

I have a bisexual bridesmaid with a crush on the bride, and possible time travel, depending on how you read the story? It’s mostly romance/comedy though.

I Object

Lana never expected one wild night to end in a wedding - and least of all that her partner in crime would steal her crush.

Now she has the chance to do it all over again.

I’ve also got soft sci-fi including bisexual robots (and humans) as characters who are major but not the narrator (not sure if that’s ok, if not I can remove the link):

The Turing Test

A woman developing controversial AI starts having prophetic dreams from the perspective of a mass murderer, only to find out that her entire life is a lie set up by someone she trusted — and that she has more in common with her code than she knows.


My book somebody to you features a gay young male that’s dealing with feeling like he’s in his sisters shadow, emotional problems, feeling like nobody cares, a mentally ill mother and his father (and that side of his family) that he hasn’t seen since he was very young. But it also includes a romance between his neighbor.


Happy pride everyone. Hope you remain happy and safe. The book I’m working on is a dystopian sci-fi which has several LGBTQA+ characters.

Game of Mass Destruction - Dystopian Sci-Fi
Title: Game of Mass Destruction
Genre: Dystopian Sci-fi
Subgenres: Action/LGBT+
Mature: Yes
Summary: Sia Bucks owns an island where she hosts the annual Game of Mass Destruction. Twenty contestants fight 1000 flesh-eating robots and each other for a chance to become a billionaire. Her morals are put to the ultimate test when her old friend and granddaughter have been selected to take part in the upcoming series.


Thank you so much for the shoutout.

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Into the Underwood and Out of the Castle by @LittleBird317 are some of best books I’ve read on Wattpad. Into the Underwood is the the first book of The Needle and the Bow series and Out of the Castle is the second. They feature a lesbian protagonist. The stories are beautifully written with some of the best descriptions I have ever seen. The characters are amazing one in particular is so swoon worthy. (I want my own real life version.)


The Burden of Broken Hearts is a novella that features homo- and bisexual characters, including the protagonist. It’s written through letters, diary entries and notes.

You can find it on @leighyeann. You’ll also love Alternative Ballad and Breaking Point (both being short stories featuring g×g romance) on that same account.

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Girls Girls Boys

All girls are born with a small necklace that grows as they do, they get half a symbol and the other half is tattooed somewhere on their soulmate or on another chain if a female is chosen for them.

But what happens when you pull two separate universes into the picture?

Things get just that little bit more hectic.


What Can I Do (For You)?
You’ve all heard the story of love tringles before.
Two girls and a boy.
Two boys and a girl.

Well this is one of those stories.
Except with a twist.
Meet Charlette, Celeste and Carma. Three girls in a very complicated situation.
They will try to come up with a solution to fix this love trinagle…
or loose their friendship trying.


Help! I’m Falling.
“Fear leads to Anxiety”
When Thomas’ fear of rejection is deflected onto one of his sides, the trials and tribulations begin.

Anxiety is confused at first, but with a little help he figures it out.
Before he can share the news with the others, he is suddenly weakened and flung into an unknown place.

The others no longer believe that the Anxiety they see is the one they know and trust.
But Morality knows more then what meets the eye.

Will this new threat get their ultimate goal completed, or will they be caught?
And, are they so bad after all?

The first and last story were originally fan fictions but once I’ve edited and changed the story they will not longer have fan fiction reference in them.

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For the Love of Cheri by @SorrowfulQuill.

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“You say that illegal passion’s vile. Lies! Its legal passion that’s vile, because it has lost that mysterious, that sinful, that torment that tears you apart.” The story of three friends who randomly find each other, tasked with the mission to find out what love truly is.

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Hi! Does an ace aro protagonist count? There’s a lot of dispute over it, so just to be sure :slight_smile:.


Bathe In Colour by @elithemysticalauthor

Journey To Joseph by @rhymeswithfry

Death-of-a-phangirl writes gay stories but they’re all based around the Sanders Sides, so I don’t know if that will work for you.

Darkness In The Neon Lights by HyperRedFox (This one is mature and has lots of read, but you don’t need to understand the fandom to read it)

COTWild is another user who writes gay stories. This author writes for the same fandom as Fox so you don’t need to understand it to get the characters.

Melonbread69 another author who does gay stories. Same fandom as Fox and COT. Also mature content so just a fore warning. (Not all stories, some have the mature things in them but aren’t based around that.)


Two boys. Two different schools. One game. One goal.

Life was easy when you were considered high school royalty but when you get rivalry on the field, things get a little interesting.

Connor Taylor went to Northshore. Dakota Anderson went to Ridgemount. Both were extremely competitive at everything and went head to head on the soccer field.

But nothing is ever as it seems behind closed doors…

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