Pride Parade: An LGBTQ+ Writers' Chat


Also, yessss, ATLA. What season are you on?


I’m on Season 1… Of my fifth rewatch… Of the last month lol

Pfft I just rewatched it…

I’m going to rewatch it again > : )

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Had to delete a post because it said something that I had already said without realizing lol


Meanwhile my computer decided to explode

You has good taste ;D


I’m season 2, episode 12, lol. I saw it when I was really little, but my sister has been watching without me, so I definitely need to rewatch it, lmao.

hellooo everyone. i am back :hearts:

Hello! What are you doing?

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eh, nothing much, really. i have an exam today, bleh. what about you?

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Or to be more exact, thinking of the title for the book and investigating if Austria would be part of the West or the East

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i see. what’s your current project?
also, yay for obscure research! knowing shit about pasta but not maths is writer culture :pensive:

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Yeah lol

My current project is a soon-to-be saga

It’s about WW3, in an alternative universe where the USSR never fell

The saga will be called “Into the war” but I’m struggling to name the first book, “Into the War: Albanian-Yugoslav-Greek Front” just sounds wrong, so I thought maybe “Into the War: Southern Slav Front” but then, Greece is not slav, neither is Albania, Albania is (Was in this universe) muslim lol (Note: I know Muslim is not an enthic lol)

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oh wow, that’s kind of a sensitive subject, isn’t it? i’m not really into historical fiction, especially not the ones that are this close to reality, but i guess to each their own. like i said, i have to go now, but i wish you luck with your story! :sparkles:

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I guess, but it’s been on my mind for years now

And thanks! See ya!

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i totally got ignored didn’t i, lmao

anyway, this chapter is killing me and I’m so irritated rn

Just reached 601 words in my work ;3

I think once the chapter is done (Wednesday or Thursday) I will have about 1.2K words. I’m attempting to increase my writing in the chapters.

Name- Anurag
Pronouns- He/His
Tell us something about you- I am 16 years old writes, reads and love listening to music.
Tell us something about your books- I just started a fanfic and a bl book is ongoing. I love writing stories full of emotions which can reflect limitations of love which is built in our society.

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Hi, Anurag! Welcome to the chat. How ya doing?

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