Prime Time Posting [Poll]


So, I’m aware that in many “breaking the code” or “how to get reads” books on Wattpad, a few mention that Fridays are the best update days. However, those books are often older, and I’ve updated on Fridays for the past several years and Wattpad always seems like a wasteland.

Recently I started posting on Mondays and that gained a little more traction.

What I want to know is, what day do you get the most engagement on your works?

I’m trying to discover is the prime time to post has potentially moved or if it simply differs by person/readers. So tell me what days work best for you and why!

When do you have the most engagement on your stories/what update days work best for you?

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

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I’ve tried different days and they were all the same :woman_shrugging:


Awww, maybe you just have lots of active readers!


I tried several days, and Friday won by a mile. However, I’m so new compared to others it might not make a difference either way :blush:


Interesting, thank you for the feedback!

Also, welcome, and I hope you enjoy it here!


Friday works best for me because for me it means I have the whole weekend to respond to comments as opposed to trying to keep up with it while at work.

Personally I think everyone needs to experiment and find what day works best for them. Their focus could be on finding the highest engagement or it could just be to find a day that’s easier for them to remember to upload. It’s going to be different for everyone. So my advice is to try each day and see how it feels and looks.

So one week post on Monday. Next week do Tuesday. Then Wednesday. Etc etc etc. Get a feel for how each day works for you and then pick your upload schedule for the next book and stick to that consistency is the key.

My readers always know that unless something happens I will always upload on Friday and so they know that even if wattpad doesnt give them a notice they can usually go and find my newest chapter. I’ve done that for every book with the exception of a couple of my NaNoWriMo books where I uploaded daily.


I think my readers have just accepted that I set the schedule and I follow that :joy:


Saaaame, and it’s gives me all week to write, cause my weekends involve a lot of travel, during which I’m usually driving. (Yay for 8 hour drives home)


This is a very good idea…I’ll have to try that with my poetry book (since consistent update aren’t expected there) just to experiment. I already know specific readers have some days they won’t be on much. One of my biggest fans of Insomnia is never on much Fridays, and she’s usually MIA over the weekend, but she always catches up.


I usually pre-write before I post because I’d never be able to do weekly uploads if I upload as I wrote. Nano is the only time I can do that and even that is suspect sometimes lol So I usually try to have at least 10 chapters built up before I start posting. With the exception of last book since I’ve just been in a huge funk, it usually keeps me from having to skip a week because I haven’t written anything.

I work 2 jobs so sometimes writing just isn’t possible.


That’s fair. I don’t know if mine really pay attention to the schedule much, even though I have posted in the Summary when I update, and it’s consistent, but it seems more of them are busy over the weekend. Could have something to do with demographic, though, if they’re my age, they’re probably out doing college social stuff on the weekend.


Oof, yeah, I’m using this week to get a bit ahead on my writing. Both stories are coming to a close, though. I make a point to write every day, so I can manage to write during the week and upload bi-weekly, but I almost always end up writing a little in advance.

I’m only working one job, rn, but it’s taking such a mental toll on me that I have to write just to relax.


I’ve heard that Wednesday and Friday/Saturday are the best days, but I’ve tried them all and saw no real difference. I think what’s more important is that you have a consistent schedule.


I think it might also depend on time? Like the time of day. I’ve noticed that matters more than the day for my readers. They like the time I update now (which is… Around my 2-3 am. Why can’t I attract readers in my time zone? :sweat_smile:)

But I did a test with different days and that did no difference. Then I tried different times a day and that actually made a big difference. So test out different times too!


That’s very true. I may have to experiment with that as well. Currently I update around 12pm (afternoon) so that I have a little buffer if I need to finish a chapter, and so that my readers have time to see the update throughout the day. Also because I don’t have class at 12 on either of my update days. 2-5 sometimes works well too, though.

I feel like I need to make a spreadsheet to track all of my experiments.


Right now I’m just in a mega funk so I write when I feel like it and just chipping away at things slowly. Not posting anything new as a result because I hated putting the last book on hold for such a long stretch. But when I was writing consistently I found weekends were the only time I could focus enough to write anything.

During the week I just wanted to veg after both jobs were done. Sometimes that meant just watching tv all night and doing nothing that required actual thought.

I learned not to force myself to write. When it’s there, it’s there. If it’s not there then nothing I do is going to make it be there.


That’s completely understandable. I struggle to make time for writing, so I made myself start doing it daily with a minimum goal of 300, and some days, I struggle to get that down, other days (like yesterday) 300 words turns into two chapters sitting around 5,000 words. Some days I do miss and don’t write, but that’s usually only if I’ve written so far in advance that I don’t “need” to write anymore in advance.

Writing is my passion, though, and it’s like breathing for me, so by getting into a writing habit I feel so much better every day.


I think passion is where I lack. I write only because it’s fun. I maintain the philosophy that I can think I’m the worst writer in the world (and some days I do) but as long as I’m still having fun I’ll keep doing it. Right now the fun is what I’m missing lol

Everyone has different ways of tackling things that’s why I feel experimenting is always the best option. It’s great to get feedback on how to do anything but it will always ultimately come down to what works for each individual person. What works for me wont always work for you and Visa versa.



For real, I love collecting data when it comes to this kind of stuff. And making graphs.

Okay totally off topic, but yes! Make a spreadsheet!


I’m definitely going to try and experiment. I’ll probably use my poetry book because those updates aren’t intended to be consistent, so if they’re all over the place it won’t bug anyone (or me). I need to make myself a spreadsheet or something researchy so I can keep track of my findings. Thank you so much for that suggestion.

Writing can be a lot of fun! I’m sure you’re a wonderful authors :slight_smile: It honestly took me until this past year to realize how much of a passion writing was to me (NaNoWriMo really hit me hard, I was doing 2,000 words a day, and it was stressful but so amazing) and since then I’ve started working at it a lot harder, and needing to write more.