Prime Time Posting [Poll]


I honestly don’t know how…I’m bad at research :sweat_smile:


I just wrote mine down like

12:00 was good.

03:00 was better :joy:

But I track my reads a bit more extensively because I’m a nerd, lol


Hmmm, I’ll have to try this. The organized half of my brain is like “make a pie chart!” and the other half is like “we don’t know how!”

I love organized data, but I guess I gotta have raw data first.


Google spreadsheet! Seriously, it’s super easy.

What I do with reads is this:

Date - Number
Date - Number

And then you can make a chart like these:

1 2

It’s literally just done with a few clicks! (Seriously if I can do it everyone can)


Look at those reads climb! :clap:


What did you use to make that? I have google spreadsheets, but I’m hopeless in using it.


LOOK HOW PRO THOSE CHARTS LOOK THOUGH! I am ridiculously proud of that chart because I’m literally an idiot with numbers

@sarakbeeksma You can make them in google spreadsheet, press “insert” and then choose “chart” - and tadah! You’ve got a chart! :smile:


Perfect, thx.


My pleasure :smile:


It’s interesting because for the most part it’s a pretty steady climb upwards… I’m guessing this is for Feral? Is that jump around 08/07 when it was completed?


Hi @AWFrasier. I’m curious, what happened around late June? There is a pretty big increase there

Realizing @Xenoclea just asked the same question



My book got featured and Wattys Longlisted in June :slight_smile:

Also, yes it’s for Feral :smile: It was completed in… March? I think? I posted like three times a week and started in late January.


I tried…I got confused. I think I’ll stick to raw data for now.


Ohhhh yeah, that’d do it :joy:


I just use the two first columns. So Column A is for dates and Column B for read count, for example.

So my spreadsheet looks like this:


Hahaha yep :joy:


Tuesdays. My notifications are dead silent on the weekends.


Same. After Thursday my notifications are basically dead until late Sunday again.


My readers read whenever. I’ve had some people disappear for weeks and then show up again out of the blue. People get busy. :man_shrugging:


Yup same. It’s such a nice thing when it happens, like “Oh hey! You’re back!” :smile: