Prime Time Posting [Poll]


I really just don’t understand why the day would matter? I update on all different days, just whenever I get the next chapter done, so I don’t really have any input. It just doesn’t make sense to me why people would be more likely to read on one day over another?


Oops! :joy: I’m consistent in that there will definitely be at least one chapter each week, but the day changes from week to week.


Okay but like, I need to start this chart deal with my new book haha. That looks so fun.


Do it! It’s seriously fun and it’s nice to remind yourself how far you’ve come when I get all crazy and up in my head and think omg nobody likes me


I wish I would’ve done this for my Peter Pan story. That book did better than I could’ve imagined but I didn’t keep track of the dates and reads…


Does Wattpad have a statistic to check your read count over certain dates it similar?


You can start anytime, really. I started a month after my first book went live because I realised I cannot remember numbers for the life of me - so to calm my tits I write them down weekly to show myself that there is growth.

And I don’t think Wattpad has statistics, no. Not beyond what you have in your stats.


I’ve been in the process of trying to find out the same thing. What I’ve done so far is collect a lot of data on when I’ve posted chapters and how many votes they’ve gotten within 24 hours (mostly because votes are easier to measure than reads but also because reads can be a little wonky with how they’re counted).

So far, the winner is Wednesday, with an average of 9.2 votes within a day of posting. BUT I still have a lot of variables that aren’t properly controlled for. I’m looking at this across several books, some of which have more popular chapters than others. So I’m trying to test out different days with different books to see how it works out.


Also, I just adjusted my calculations to see what the best day is for getting votes in a shorter amount of time (5 hours). Doing that made Friday the winner with an average of 7.5.

Again, I still need to do more testing for it to really mean anything, though. :slight_smile:


I’ve found a consistent and predictable upload schedule to work the best. At least twice a week.
Tuesdays and Fridays seem to be days for new readers who just find my story.
Time of day and timezone also affects the results. I find that a posting done between 2-4pm MST, it hits both North Americans and those in Europe.