Princess Radio... songs you need to hear....



I havent post any song in a while…
This song is for all the love birds right now so all the singles IM sorry.
Bazzi ft camila cabello - Beautiful

Now for all the singles, this is for you.
Miquela -Not mine


I think this might be in the wrong place…

@KatherineArlene @lhansenauthor


What do you mean by that? :thinking::expressionless:


This part of the forums is for feedback on Wattpad or the forums. Not to share music


ohh yea I mustve picked the wrong one


Hello !:smile:

The The Cafe Club is for miscellanous conversations, this thread is for giving Feeback on Wattpad :smile: as your thread seems more suited to The Cafe, I’ve gone ahead and moved it for you :smile:

Thank you for understanding!

Amelia - Community Ambassador :spruce_goose:


i like them both


thank you!