Print on Demand Publishing for Paperbacks


I’m looking for a print on demand publisher that would serve readers in India, but I was thinking that other people (and maybe me in the future) might need to find print on demand publishers in other countries too.

Can anyone help out?



I think you should ask an Indian to investigate for you. I live in China, and there are numerous POD publishers here, but they serve the Chinese market and operate in Chinese.


Might be better for a different thread, but is Wattpad planning POD? A bit confused.


Thanks for the tip! :katherinearlene:


No, I was asking about this for my own paperback. Sorry for the confusion!


Amazon’s Indian website sells POD paperbacks through KDP.


I looked through the list of countries that paperbacks are sold through, but India isn’t one of them, but maybe I’m missing something? I could only find that they sell in the Kindle store in India.


I checked for Trapped on the Indian website. The paperback is definitely listed (to be fair, I never had anyone tried to order it since the few Indian copies I sold were ebooks), but the option to buy it is available.


Thanks for the link! I checked my story there, but it’s not showing the paperback. Did you choose the extended distribution option? (I think that’s what it’s called) I was just looking into that after getting an email from Amazon, but it looked like my paperback had to be priced at $21 dollars, and it wasn’t clear that my american readers wouldn’t have to pay that too. I currently have it priced at $16, which seems like a lot for a paperback. :confused:


The book transferred over from CreateSpace and I remember choosing the extended distribution option there. Not sure anymore if I had to click it again when I it set up on KDP.

I just checked the price and it’s translates from Indian Rupees to €12.25 v. €13.90 in European countries. It’s a third party seller, so it’s probably some form of extended distribution.


I’m going to look into that extended distribution again because that seems to be the answer. Thanks!


Can a book with 40 pages be published as a paper back. A book consisting only one short story


Can it? Yes. But the sale cost will like be way too high to justify it. People won’t pay more than a dollar or two for a short story. Short stories (individually) are rarely profitable even as ebooks.

Just go Createspace and/or Lulu and figure out the costs.


thank you