Private Messages



Not really a complaint but there’s not a bug tag and There are a few issues I’ve noticed while testing out the private message system and I’ll add to these as I go- Feel free to add onto this with what you find.

  1. When using the notification box- like the thing in the bottom right- It doesn’t give notifications when it’s closed and doesn’t auto update messages.

  2. I have to refresh to get messages.

  3. For some reason when going to the actual private message page you get an error message for a few seconds.


Is there a private message feature on here?


Yea although for a bit it was used like a temporary chatroom.


Lauren just re-opened them today. She had them open for a little bit when the beta clubs first started but closed them down after some security concerns.


What kind? Is it done in Javascript?


I don’t know remember the specifics. I just know there were concerns.


@Prisim @SarahWeaver Here is the thread where it was announced that PM’s would be closed:


Ohhh, I see. I just noticed them XD


Why does Wattpad need to incorporate it here? Isn’t one PM system is enough?


What if this forum is a beta test beyond the threads? it’s a chance to try out other systems Wattpad currently uses and make it better. After all, I get the feeling Wattpad will do a whole site restructure in the future. The design of the Writer’s Corner was possibly a first taste of that. It’s much more slicker and clean than the rest of the site. Hell, even the logo in the tab is different (which I actually like. It looks sooo much cleaner and better).


I think they are considering having this PM system replace the current PM system, but don’t quote me on that. I now can’t remember if I actually saw that or if I’m just remembering stuff that didn’t actually happen. :laughing: