Private Profiles?

Maybe this is one way of getting the activity feed back. Now obviously I’m not saying it’s going to happen because I don’t know so I’m purely spitballing here lol But if they can get privacy to work at this grand level without taxing the system too much, then they can get some smaller levels going as well. Which could mean the activity feed could come back but with more privacy options for users.

That would be awesome. The activity feed is ideal for me because then I can pinpoint a specific person. I’ve only started using the newsfeed because that’s what I was told to use in place of the activity feed.

I’ve seen worse. One user (not going to name) put the remaining chapters of their book on Radish. Behind a paywall. So, you basically have to purchase coins with your own money off of there in order to finish the story.


That and they probably wouldn’t be able to be Featured, published, win a Watty, etc.

That too. What if someone enters their book into the Wattys, ends up winning, only to discover that the profile is private.


I think this is fair.

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Fair to the smaller writers?

Fair for everyone, I’d hope.

Don’t want to be recognized sitewide? Use a private profile. Do you want further opportunities and to be found easier? Don’t use a private profile.


True. Readers (plus silent ones like you said) can put their profiles on private.

How will we know that the profile is private? Will there be a lock next to the username indicating it or something else.

I would fill it out but the author has over 100k followers now and used fake profiles to harass me saying I was copying her and surely I wasn’t. It was ridiculous. I removed everything from here, and all other sites because clearly they want to say I don’t have a voice but mine was stronger then theirs waiting to be know . I had almost 2k followers during the time and I kinda regret it but then again now I’m happy the author can’t find me.


I’d imagine it would look similar to the example in post one.

I think I drank one too many margaritas to handle this forum tonight :joy::joy::kissing_heart::heart:

Wow, I can’t believe there are people who are like that. You can at least mute her, I’m pretty sure she can get in huge trouble for harassing you too.

They used fake profiles away from their main profile it was ridiculous. There was no way I could prove it was her but the user names are all ones she used before.

This kind of stuff is why I’m a proponent for IP-banning trolls, plagiarizers, and hate accounts. Because it’s so easy for someone to have multiple accounts, or create new ones (like the issue from a while back with hate accounts being a thing) that people can make an account specifically for that purpose and not have to have any consequences to their “regular” account.

Hate can hide behind anonymity. We have to give a real consequence for the actions of people like that.

Just me giving my two cents though, I haven’t been thinking about that for years, back to cashiering for me :joy:

I’m 28 and I’m at a point where it is old and stupid.

Exactly, like… we need to make it not worth it for these people to try it.


That’s actually something they tested out about 4 years ago. There are a handful of those still around and usually used for staff to do things so you’re unlikely to get permission to view what’s actually on there. It’s a feature that was tested but never rolled out and isn’t going to be rolled out any further than that to my knowledge.

Hope that helps clarify things a little.

Cheers, Gav


You’re my hero, Gav! :kissing_heart:

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Oh, thank goodness.