Private publishing?

Does anyone know where I can privately publish a book?

I want to publish a book just so I can hold the endproduct in my hands, but so far, most publishing companies want me to sell it too. I know Createspace used to be an option, but they merged with KDP and I haven’t found a company yet that allows me to publish a book just for myself.

KDP should let you do it, but Lulu definitely will let you do it.

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With KDP, can’t you get a copy to proof before publishing it? After you get your author proof copy, simply never hit the publish button.

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I sewed my together with my own two hands :smiley:


Okay, thanks! I should probably try KDP again then, but Lulu seems like a good option too.

Didn’t know that! Should definitely try it out :slight_smile:

:flushed: How?? The dedication you have…

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Watching a TON of youtube videos lol.

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KDP wants you to assign an ISBN (theirs or yours), which implies some degree of “not private”. Last I checked, Lulu allows you to mark a book as private, meaning that only you can see it or order copies of it.

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The proof copies on KDP also have a ribbon across the cover that shows it’s a not-for-sale copy which doesn’t look very nice (it goes away once you hit publish and order your own author copies). I’ve never tried Lulu, but for what you are trying to do, it appears to be the better option.

1 Like is super for just printing a copy. And it’s not too expensive either, depending on the materials, of course.

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