Hello, People!

I’m curious to see how you all think/feel about abortion. Are you Pro Life or Pro Choice? Why or why not? I personally, am Pro Life, because No child deserves to be killed, and the cases of rape happening are very low. Tell me how you feel about it! :smiley: let’s all be respectful

*tracks* Let’s see the chaos ensue.



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Remember there’s nothing wrong with being pro life or pro choice cause everyone can have an opinion :smiley: (don’t kill me)


Neither. When I was younger I would have aborted because I was not ready to care for a baby, I know that the system can be a bad place, and living a life of abuse and agony is not necessarily a great chance at living at all. Now, I would keep a baby because I have established my life enough that I could handle the circumstance, but I’m primarily Pro education. If you are not ready to care for a child financially and on your own ( because the other person might not always stay ) as a female you shouldn’t be having sex, or you should be taking measures to take birth control and properly taken it. Yes sometimes you can still become pregnant on birth control, but the chance is roughly about 1%, the circumstances in which someone does become pregnant usually involve a missed pill or misuse.


I completely agree with you!! :smiley:

Personally I agree with Betty Friedan who wrote something to the effect that an abortion should be treated like a hysterectomy: no one should want one, but if you need one it should be readily available to you. As for myself, the proper antidote to abortion is contraception.


Yeah. In some cases, I think it’s ok to get an abortion, I just really hope no one has to get one.


Anyway, I think instead of arguing whether we should force a woman to spend her own money and risk her own life to spawn one more monkey into the world, we should ask why we don’t have incubators and artificial wombs that can raise babies.

And people who are pro-life should all band together and pay a tax for it.


Rape pregnancies are a lot higher than you might think. Studies show that about one in twenty rape victims in the US will get pregnant. Fifteen to twenty percent of American women will get raped at some point, which means up to one percent of America will get pregnant due to rape at some point in their lives. That’s more than a million women, just in the US alone and doesn’t count those who never report.
I hate the idea of abortion, and I would never get one myself, but I can put myself in the shoes of those who need them, and I support them.


For real! We’ve gotten to that age in society, where that is possible. Then abortion wouldn’t have to be an option.

But then comes the question: is it even worth spamming humans like this? Take a look at population charts, and then tell me if Thanos didn’t have a point.


Ah, I guess I read the study wrong. Thank you for telling me, cause I was confused! If a woman gets raped, then I can see why she would get an abortion. I wouldn’t really have a problem with it.

Thanos might have killed a lot of people, but he did have a reason lol

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I see why you would say this, but if we do get to this point, everyone should be taxed, I believe, bc it would be a community thing, like education, and because taxes based on beliefs opens the way for discrimination


I fell it’s the person’s choice.

No one should be pressured to keep a baby they don’t want, It would just end up hurting the child.


Yeah, I think I’m mostly pro life, but I do think it’s completely up to the woman.


I would also support a rape victim if she chose to carry to full term. I support healthcare, pre school interventions, child welfare, education, literacy, etc with my votes and with my money. I figure if we make choosing life an easier option we can cut down on abortion.


But you risk pro-choice people thinking they’re funding for something they’re not gonna receive, to them it’ll be like making donations to a church whilst being an atheist.


I agree! I hope one day, we will have come up with many ways to handle this issue, so the babies don’t have to get put down.

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