Problem with chapters order on the app

So, I’ve been updating a story I had originally started to post, and then unpublished. I am adding chapters in between others as I edit, and it’s been a nightmare.

Somehow, the new chapters won’t stay in their proper places, and I keep having to move them back. Also, the whole thing is an absolute mess when I am working from the app. The changes aren’t updated, everything moves around…

Other than HQ taking care of that glitch, is there a way to avoid it? Would it work if I uninstalled and reinstalled the app everytime I updated? Have any of you had this problem before, and how did you overcome it?

I’ve had this problem. You have to make sure the chapter lines up exactly between the two chapters and keep trying until it pops up and says updating. I literally look at the space and make sure there isn’t any extra space between the lines. It’s hard to explain. If it won’t go then go to your home page and go back to try it again. It’s very temperamental.

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I do this from the computer I imagine? Its stays fine on computers, it’s when I use the app that it gets messed up, as if the app didn’t know it was updated and keeps the older versions and order.

Nope, I’m talking about the app. I only ever use the app and don’t use a desktop.


How do you move chapters around on the app? I can’t make it work.

Oooooh I found it!!

Open the story in drafts then go into settings then move it there. If it doesn’t work close out the app and clear your cache.

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You are seriously a life saver. Thank you so much!

I still have some weird issues, with doubled chapters, but at least they are in the proper order x)

Both the app and the website have some issues when you change the sequence of chapters, or insert or remove chapters, for as long as I can remember.

There’s no easy solution. I stopped writing or re-arranging in Wattpad itself. These days I have two Google Docs files, one containing all chapters / parts ‘done’, one with the current chapter / part in progress (to speed things up when editing on a slow device). I just copy a chapter into Wattpad every time I’m done.

I’ve added this to the ‘preface’ of my novel-under-construction:

Wattpad readers please be aware: Wattpad is a great platform but has some synchronization issues. This especially happens when I update an older chapter, or change the sequence. (Please Wattpad devs, fix this, or give us a ‘manual sync’ button…)

If you see an incomplete chapter, damaged text, or if you receive a notification that an older chapter has been revised and you want to make sure you have the latest version of this book, then please do the following:

When using a browser on a PC: hit Shift + Refresh, or clear your cache

On an Android device: go to Android Settings / Apps / Wattpad / Storage, and Clear Data. This will force Wattpad to reload everything in your library. You will have to log in again.


Any time :grin:

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Apart from the difficulties getting the chapters organized as you want, moving chapters can cause difficulties for readers too. What seems to happen is that WP rearranges the chapters as they appear to you, the author, but then takes longer to update the links between chapters to reflect the new order. For some readers, it could be weeks or months longer.

The effect is that someone reading the story moves from chapter to chapter in an earlier order - not the one you want. Clicking in the link at the end of each chapter, they might end up reading in some order like this: Chapter 1 -> Chapter 5 -> Chapter 4 -> Chapter 7 -> Chapter 2 -> The End?

Quite confusing. And can be different for each reader who has the book in their current reading list, because the new chapter order has to be synchronized to their device.

Another gotcha: whenever you change the chapter order of a book marked ‘complete’, WP marks the book ‘incomplete’, but doesn’t mention that. You have to remember to mark it ‘complete’ again.

When WP marks the book as not complete, it seems to remove it from tag lists, or mark it for removal, and then it can take a loooong time for it to get back in the lists. This can happen accidentally, for example if you just happen to move a chapter then quickly move it back. (Note: I’ve only ever done this in the web browser; I don’t use the app)

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Yes, it’s sad.

I lost one dedicated reader that I know of (she left lots of comments and told me what was happening), because she got to a point near the end where the reading app starting glitching - kept sending her back to previous text. Nothing she did fixed it. She tried the web, and that worked, but I can tell she never read the last few chapters.

And if that happened to one reader who commented, probably to a dozen who silently gave up.

One fundamental issue with WP’s design: it shows the writer a different view than readers see, so there’s no way to know what your readers see, except to create a second account. As a writer, you might see certain tag ranks - but readers see different ones for your book. Maybe it isn’t in the tag lists at all for them. As a writer, when you read your own book, it looks fine. A different reader sees it all messed up because of synchronization issues. But you, the writer, have no idea.

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Hey! Here from Support :wave:

Are you on an Android device? We’ve seen this before on Android phones, however if you uninstall and reinstall the app, all duplicated/story parts out of order should be resolved. If you’re still having trouble after doing this, I’d recommend sending in a ticket to Support so someone from HQ can investigate it further. :blush:

All the best!

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So, it was driving me a bit mad, because even parts that I never moved ended up jumping around, so I took some drastic measures and deleted everything that hadn’t been edited yet and that I wasn’t publishing tight away.

With my amb status I can see them all, so it’s horrible but at least chapters don’t mess up anymore.

I’m now creating new parts as I go, and they fall right into place without an issue.

I did uninstall and install back the app too, because I needed a clear slate. I didn’t want to risk readers ending up with a messed up order in the chapters.

I’m not sure where the problem comes from exactly, but I feel like this is something that should be looked into, because it’s quite problematic, and I now see that I’m not the only one having it.

Also, I don’t know how downloaded stories in the library update, but I’ve had readers pointing out mistakes that were corrected months ago, so maybe a more regular update could be beneficial!

Thank you for answering :hugs: :heart: