Problems Making A Tech Support Complaint

I’m trying to make a tech support complaint, but as soon as I do, it appears in my complaints list as being “solved”. Then I get an automatic email from Wattpad about my “Report on Hate & Bullying”, even though my complaint has nothing to do with bullying, but rather a technical problem with the website. I think it’s fair to assume that my tech support requests are getting shot down by the automation before the are ever seen by human eyes.

It seems I’m cut off from communicating with the Wattpad staff via the regular channels. So can anyone suggest an alternative?

Incidentally, if anyone’s curious about my actual problem, it’s pretty much the same one as what I was dealing with in my previous thread (, except now the story’s been recently updated, and it isn’t appearing in searches for content updated in the last week - only as a story updated in the last month. The search also fails to identify that the story is now a 2-parter, and that it’s been marked as complete.

My story will only be “recently updated”/“recently completed” for a brief window of time, so every minute that it’s glitched out of appearing to readers browsing the new stories library is a major hit to my prospects of attracting new readers. That means a lot when you write for a very small fandom; every new reader counts. I’d really like to get this sorted out as soon as I can, so I can be sure my story is getting maximum exposure on Wattpad.

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If your complain appears directly as “solved”, just make a follow up on it. It is a bug.

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So you’re saying you went to ticket record and it show ‘solved’? Have you tried bumping that ticket by clicking and add note ‘bump’ or’ issue not solved and wrong issue’? Try that and see if it works

I noticed a similar issue when I emailed them about being spammed with Robot Ambassador notification. I managed to get a hold them, and told them it was effecting my enjoyment on this site.

To the OP: I hope your issue gets resolved1

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Did you also checked ticket record?

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Yea and it’s still kind of in limbo, curiously I hadn’t had as much of a problem. So I’ll see what comes of it.

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If it’s ‘solved’ when it’s not then bumping might work but if nothing after few or more days, hit my PM and tell the ticket number.

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Hi there,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We have some key words that will trigger different auto-responses, which is why your Support ticket accidentally got caught in the wrong ticket flow and was being auto-solved. I’ve looked into the backend and made some changes so that your Support tickets should no longer be auto-solved! If you’re still having trouble submitting a ticket, please let me know. :blush: