Problems with Mobi format and Kindle help please!

I’m finally in the steps of self-publishing one of my stories, but running into a few issues with chapter and document formatting. My main problem at the moment is that when I click on the chapter from the table of contents, it takes me to the correct chapter. But here’s the issue: when I scroll forward, there appears to be something wrong with the coding because when I scroll back after scrolling forward, it takes me to a completely different page and KDP location in the Amazon preview for the book.

I’m just at a loss as to what could be the problem with the file that this is happening to it. I’m like one step away from being able to self-publish the book, but I keep running into this problem.

At one point I thought it was a coding issue with the chapters in the table of contents and hyperlinks, but now it appears to be an error with the actual file.

Thanks in advance.

Apparently the answer was right in front of me. I am an idiot. Solved.

May I ask what the problem was?

I format my novels in Word and then use Calibre to convert it to epub. Then I upload the epub to KDP and KDP converts it to mobi. In Word, I format the chapter headings as “Heading 1”. Calibre uses that to create the Table of Contents and to start the chapter on a new page. However, sometimes it puts a blank page before the next chapter. I got around that by inserting a page break before the chapter heading, but I shouldn’t have to. So I was wondering if your situation was related.

It was showing me the wrong page when I was scrolling back after scrolling forward to be on the page I was on previously.

Managed to get the problem fixed thankfully.