problems with the wattpad app



i don’t know if its just me but is the app really wonky for some of you guys. for instance, sometimes it says that there’s not network connection even though i’m on wifi or using data (which, i’ve used my university’s wifi and its really fast)

i also have the issue with private messages and it being really laggy

and it takes forever to connect and load to things

its fine when i’m reading books but other than that it acts super weird

am i the only one having this issue?


I have some similar issues, but they seem to be much less and further apart than yours.

What kinda of phone do you have? You system and network may be affecting the app’s efficiency.


I have an iPhone X but I have everything up to date. The phone itself is about a year old


Hmm that is really strange. I cant vouch for the app’s code cause I have Android, but this definitely seems like a problem.


It happens with the university wifi sometimes. I think it has to do with the wifi.


But then that means even my data is faulty and I’ve never had a problem like this with any other app that I use :confused:


I don’t know. xD It is sometimes screwy and leaves me annoyed. I have to close app and then it works more or less.


Sounds familiar. Once the app had connection problems (e.g. when you temporarily walked out of WiFi range), it has issues to recover. Restarting the app usually helps ( )

(I hope they’ll fix this—but it has been like that for years, so I’m not holding my breath. More urgently, though, they should make the rankings on the app work again instead of repeating the same 10 books starting after rank #20 :angry:)


Rather disappointing to find it impossible to change my password. or any facility for doing so. The reference to sending an email update on the issue is evidently broken or nonfunctional as well. As this is a serious issue, Ill be deleting my account here quite soon.


Have you tried changing it from the app or the website? While the link on the website is evidently broken, the app seems to work (haven’t really tried to change it, though)


Actually all my Wattpad accesses are direct, by standard internet, and router protocols by way of an always updated browser. I have finally received an update e-mail for password and applied it. Possibly delayed by traffic or routing, can’t say. I will note though, that the place for a password update screen would logically be on the sign-in screen. not buried down in some boiler-room menu. Leastwise, as I have ever seen. Especially as most recommend Frequent updating of passwords. I am aware that Wattpad has a special application for its phone users, but in life, any executable or program / interface is an application. - So I noted the problem here, instead of divining some other possibly germane thread.


You can read this article for more info-

And if troubleshooting doesn’t help, you can send a ticket here-


Hi there,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this trouble! Looks like you might be encountering a bug. App & Site Feedback is more focused on feature requests and feedback on existing (working) features, so I’d highly recommend writing in a ticket to Support to get your quickest answer from HQ! You can submit a ticket here:

I’ll be unlisting this topic for now, but if you have any questions, please let me know! :blush:

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