Process and Quirks of a Writer


We all have ways and routines for writing.
I’m curious about yours.

As for me :

  • I can’t write during the day AT ALL. It seems that my creativity wakes up at night (or actuallly very very early in the morning)
  • I enjoy a glass of wine from time to time while writing a scene that I struggled in the past to write.
  • I have a lot of lucid dreams. And this is how most of my books ideas come to me. So I keep a dream journal on my nightstand so when I wake up during the night after one of those dreams, I write it down. (Confession : it sometimes don’t make sense to me in the morning :sweat_smile:)
  • I listen to music while writing. But only ones without lyrics otherwise i tend to write down what I’m listening or can’t think at all. So I usually type “chillpop” or “chill hip hop” on youtube.

In terms of productivity, I really admire writers that have a schedule. I can’t seem to function like that. I write in period of times, if that makes sense.

Anyway. Tell me about your process and quirks ! (I’m super curious hehe :stuck_out_tongue:)


I dont know if my writing process is too unusal expect for its easier to write in the font Lora ((if I dont it feels weird)) and I write way more if I have a ten minute timer going.Otherwise its quite how one would imagine someone writing.Although I also dont have a set time of day I write/schedule


A ten minutes timer ?
I’m curious about how that help ? Doesn’t it pressure you ? Or is the goal to draft a scene fast and then later go over it ? Or do you write only ten minutes at a time ?
Sorry for all the questions, I’m confused ^^


I’m pretty similar actually, except the wine. And I don’t always go without the wine.

I’m actually very particular about my writing environment: I turn the lights completely off, and have the background black, the text lime.


It really depends on the day for me. Sometimes I like loud music, sometimes I need absolute silence. I have a hard time writing during the day as well.


Ha yes, well my only source of light is my computer screen of course and a bedside lamp turned toward the wall. I guess it creates an ambiance ^^


Horror writer by any chance? ^ ^ Sorry just a theory I’ve had.


I feel like writing at night is a recurring theme for writers somehow ^^ like the night is full of secrets and creativity and helps us focus :joy:


No ^^ Epic Fantasy.
Do you write horror ?


I reset it so its not only ten at a time.Its just to get started and focus otherwise I keep doing other things like going on social media and only writing one sentence if that makes sense.I dont know why its spefically ten minutes that my brain likes having a timer for.


Horror ish, more like Cyberpunk/Urban Fantasy/Horror hybrid. I just wondered, as I found certain ambiances help me to write certain genres.


I’ve heard some people say their favorite time to write is once they wake up, but that just seems impossible to me haha.


Specifically what and how I write is depending on how I feel, which while mainly doing prose and comic script, is one part of the poet spirit that hasnt died.

3:30-4:30 thirty being my main hours.


I’m a sucker for Urban Fantasy. Never read cyberpunk or horror. I’m interested ! Did you post anything of this hybrid genre on wattpad ?


NO waaaaay :open_mouth::rofl::rofl:


Mine are all over the place and don’t always work, so I have to do a bunch of things:

  1. To get inspired and to STAY inspired, I listen to Irish music,
  2. I use Comic Sans to start out, but I can’t write the whole chapter in comic sans,
  3. I lucid dream too and most of my books are from dreams,
  4. I write primarily at night,
  5. It’s REALLY hard for me to write when I’m stressed out.


Same, stress kill my imagination like nobody’s business !
Glad to “meet” a fellow lucid dreamer ! hey :hugs:


I JUST now broke my writing hiatus after a month of not writing due to stress because I forced myself to write :crazy_face:

Oh woe is me.



What is the genre you’re writing in ?
Also, when you lucid dream, are you the protagonist or somebody on the side ?


I mainly write historical fiction/historical fantasy :blush:

I’m usually watching myself or some random character on the side, but there’s been a few times where I’m the protagonist. Those types of dreams are always the most action-packed!