Process and Quirks of a Writer


I can usually write in either day or night, although night time does seem to be my peak hours of creativity.

  1. I almost always have to have a hot drink with me while I’m writing (lollipops or jolly ranchers also work).
  2. I have to listen to music that can be tied into the flavor of what I’m writing.
  3. There can’t be any side conversations, TV, or videos going on at the time. So, no distracting sounds besides my own music.
  4. I can’t be upset or drained.
  5. No one else can be in the same room I’m in while I am writing.
  6. I need my Writing board from Pinterest. These include visuals that cue me in on characters etc, aid me with grammar, and give me all the tools I need to write when I am in the mood. If I need a quick little break, I’ll stop to look at my saved movie memes, and go back to writing. Also what helps sometimes is watching movie clips that are relevant to what I’m writing.
  7. Must have pencil and paper at my bedside at all times in case I get a random spurt of creativity in the middle of the night. Also sometimes write down my dreams within the first fifteen minutes of waking up.
  8. Sometimes all I need to overcome writer’s block is a night’s rest, or do a couple dishes - anything that lets my mind free to wander, rather than concentrate on the disappointment of a blank screen.


I totally get you ! My boyfriend always seems to come find me in the house to ask me stupid questions while i’m writing and it usually kills my vibe :joy:

Writing board seems like a really good idea. It must help tremendously for the descriptive parts !


In regards to your quirks/processes: :wink:

  • While I can write during the day (I’ve done it over a dozen times), I don’t really like to because of how busy (or lazy lol) I can be. I’m surrounded by a lot of noise most of the time, and even if I’m not, I tend to procrastinate. But this is all okay for me, ish, because I get a lot of better ideas at night. xD

  • I don’t like drinking, so… there’s that. But when I got through something that was a struggle for me, I celebrate with YouTube and a snack. c:

  • I have a lot of lucid dreams as well… some of them are quite horrifying. My dreams also give me inspiration for ideas, so I guess that’s a good thing? But I’ve actually woken up in the middle of the night in pure terror and not really wanting to go back to sleep…

  • I’m the opposite. :sweat_smile: I can write with music, but I don’t really like to because it’s hard to concentrate. So I prefer the silence. But if I do listen with music, it has to go along with the theme of the story or situation of the chapter/scene.

  • Agreed. xD I don’t have a schedule at all when it comes to writing. I try to write every day, but it doesn’t always end up that way. I also try to write 200 words during every session.

Otherwise… my personal quirks are:

  • I tend to write on my bed unless otherwise. At home, I don’t have a table. We have a picnic table outside, but it’s extremely cold and rainy, so… that’s never been an option. xD So, I’ve just been writing on my bed with my computer on a pillow. However, if my family does some traveling or vacation time, like being in a hotel room, then I’ll whip my computer out on a desk of sorts and use that as my writing space.

  • I write down how many words I wrote that day on a “sticky note” that’s on my desktop. All in order to keep track of how much I’m writing during each session and when since I don’t write every day. This is so I can get into a better writing routine.

  • If I’m struggling, I’ll sometimes put myself on a timer to let words out. And it really does help.

  • I find that I write better descriptions—based on specific scenes and situations—if I’m actually in that mindset. So like, it’s better for me to write a sad scene if I am sad. I wouldn’t really say this is healthy because as someone who is writing a murder mystery with multiple, sadistic deaths, I find that some of my murdering details are better written when I’m in the mood to torture people. :rofl: Yeaaahhhh… and they wonder why writers are messed up. Hahaha


Oh my god. That sounds horrible… But i guess it can still be good material for you if you write murder mystery books… :slight_smile:

I’m curious about that method. Can you tell me more about it if it doesn’t bother you ? I struggle sometimes to write down my ideas but in my head it’s crystal clear and I somehow can’t put it down.

Let’s be proud weirdos :joy::joy:


I did indeed!

I think it also depends on what you’re writing. I also do non-fiction essays on my blog, and the process of brainstorming those are sometimes different.

It’s part of what makes essay/fiction hybrids so strange to write.


Yeah I guess that makes sense !
Well i’ll check it out then, what is the name of your book that you suggest me reading first in that style ?


Sent so I don’t derail this thread!


My process:

  • I can write whenever during the day, but it all depends on my mood.
  • I write with something playing; either music (classical/scores), a movie, or tv-show.
  • 2 years away from legally drinking so I can’t do wine :joy: but usually I drink tea or coffee.
  • When writing, I imagine the scene as if it was a movie scene first before typing it.
  • I don’t have a set schedule to write, it’s just whenever I’m at my computer and feel that drive to write.


Haha, it can be horrible. I’ve had a few times when I woke up after a nightmare and had sleep paralysis, and other times, I’ll wake up from a nightmare in complete sweat. Most of these nightmares will be horrifyingly vivid. I mean, I won’t be needing to write them down because I’ll still remember them long after… :confused:

But, on the flip-side, I do get good ideas from it. :wink:

Sure! :blush: What do you want to know? c:

YAY! c: :rofl:


I can’t translate my thoughts onto the page. I have to write it in script form first. Then I translate that script into novel format. I need to know where I’m going before I can write. Otherwise, it’s like driving in the dark with the headlights off. And I rly don’t want to crash.

That’s me anyway.


I have a lot of sleep paralysis too ! it’s horrible… I’ve read online that some people have somehow their eyes open and so the hallucinate pretty badly. Thank god my eyes are at least closed, even if i do see weird shit… And i have to remind myself it’s not real otherwise i can’t breathe properly and start to panic even more >< …

Well, first of all, the method itself. I’m not familiar with it. How does it work exactly ?

Ps : Weirdos unite ! :rofl::partying_face::raising_hand_woman:t3:


Wahoo, that’s so interesting !


Yuck sleep paralysis, but yay Lucid dreaming.


-I can’t write at all when I’m 100 percent awake. I need to be at least 10 percent tired.
-I write best when I come home from school
-I usually have synthwave music playing in the background, since my story is pretty cyberpunk.
-I have a lot of weird dreams that inspire my stories, and I try incorporating them all in no matter how weird they are.
-If I can’t write part of the actual story, I write snippets of either backstory, random fluff, random angst, or the future of a character.
-Instead of writng, I spend the first 20 minutes in tumblr, laughing at writer problems, and then realize how late it’s gotten.
-I write to destress myself, because I start stressing over the smallest things.


I go through these really weird bursts of writing where I’ll pump out chapters and revisions like mad, and then spend the next week staring at my writing while simultaneously looking through other social media. Also, wine or other alcohol is needed for heavier scenes. I tend to get the best emotions out of my characters when I’ve got some Moscato in me.

I’m also the type of person who spends hours at coffee shops looking like a pretentious idiot typing away on my computer.


Because I lack discipline, I’ve ended up writing in all different sorts of ways and at different times.

I’m project-driven, so I set up a schedule based on what needs to be done next, and when.

I write better (and more) when it’s late. For example, the other night I couldn’t get to sleep, having made the mistake of starting to think about how to create the next chapter of a fiction story I was working on. At 1:30 a.m. I couldn’t take it any more, got up, and rattled off 1400 words. Chapter section done! But then I returned to bed and tossed and turned for another hour- for now my mind was racing around faster than a chihuahua on a hot plate. Ideas for the next section were now vying for attention …

I always have several different writing projects going at the same time. When I get stuck or bored with one, I jump to another. It’s the only way I know of to avoid burnout or getting blocked. Even then, I get up and walk around every hour or so.

When I write, it’s sometimes at the keyboard, other times in a composition notebook- and with the latter, I could be on a train, a bus, the dentist’s office, etc.

I don’t outline until a good part of the first draft is done. Then I start organizing sections with Scrivener.

I love music so much that I don’t dare have it on when I’m writing the first draft, as it distracts me and chases off the muse. But when I have something mindless to do like transcription or formatting, then the tunes are on full blast. I set Shuffle to Stun (for a couple thousand songs in all genres), and let it rip.

I’m probably a lousy writer to emulate, but what I do works for me. You have to find what works for you, not somebody else.


That’s interesting. When you say “script form,” are you talking about the way a screenplay is written?


Yeah. I type up the chapter on Celtx then I translate it into novel form using the script as a guide or a weird-looking plot outline of what happens next. If I write without it, my stories get a little…messy. For me, scripts are easier to write because it’s a half-ass novel where you just describe the bare bones of what’s happening in the scene and slip in the dialogue. Then in novel form, I put meat on the bones describing everything else on top of what I already wrote in the script. It’s a weird process that I’ve only recently discovered but it seems to be working fine for me…so far.


I’ve tried using Celtx in the past but never really got the hang of it. I used it for one of my college classes but abandoned it altogether once the semester ended.


I may try that. I’m an admirer of Hitchcock movies, because they tie emotion to the visual element- so I try to incorporate that into my writing, as well. It sounds like the screenplay format allows one to include the details of the scene in a way that would be cumbersome when cranking out the first draft.