Procrastination Club, Procrastination Club, let's all come to the Procrastination Club

We’re all procrastinators! I’m currently not writing my book because I’m just not writing it at all!

So because we’re all procrastinators, we should bond together so that we don’t have to suffer individually, granted this will just mean more procrastination. If you need ideas we would be happy to provide, if you need encouragement we’re here for that too.

We all know to be nice to each other, so please don’t criticize each other as that will actually slow our writing pace down. Instead, let’s share our ideas and encourage each other to write better. Even though we all know our own writings suck (trust me I know that feeling), we still can count on it being better than nothing. As long as you have ideas and are willing to be nice, come and join!

Now if you feel inspired by this, please go write, if not… try to go write anyways. At least that’ll fix a cycle of procrastination (Which I’m not planning on doing :P)




I’ll join your club… tomorrow. Or the day after that.

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I was going to respond with something that will want to make you join but… it’s too late so I’ll do it tomorrow.

I have procastinated my story for 8 years ._.

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I got so fed up of it once that I just cut it short to the end lol

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lol really :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Yeah, it was an avengers endgame fanfic and when endgame had already passed by about 6 months, it really wasn’t much relevant anymore lol

omg yes I’m finally NOT procrastinating anymore

I watch an interesting Ted Talk saying that procrastination is basically the fear of failing, and anxiety was part of the circle.



Could be. I used to suffer from serious anxiety

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Na, for me its fear of working lol

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I feel like we procrastinate due to two things:

  1. failure, like I have to do this perfectly because I just have to

  2. Lack of motivation, if you just don’t feel like doing something right now you’re probably not going to be interested in doing it (kinda why I set myself a bit of a goal that I never reach)


that’s a great insight!

If only I could overcome it and get my homework done on time…


heh… I’m still not writing so ;D

Same XD

let’s encourage each other then! What are you writing on?

at the rate I’m going I’ll join you soon