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Videos for stories

INTERESTED: I just came up with this idea, and I have this feeling it will work. I have been sending out announcements for those interested. It’s all in my profile.
It’s about promoting the best stories through videos. I will be doing videos in all my social medias about Wattpad best books of the month. Yes! every month. All genres. I will be taking lots of time reading them, finding which genres have catchy plots, interesting stories and all those things.
Send me messages guys. Further questions can be done here. Any personal stuff, PM.
I won’t take part on any author. I will be fair enough.

PAYMENT: Add me on social medias to see which books will be picked every month. That is all I ask for.
If you think it won’t benefit you, you are wrong. Trust me it will. Attention… you will definitely have.

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Videos as in like a trailer for the book or like a video where you talk about the book and what you liked/disliked, etc?

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Videos about what I like about the books. Which books are worth the shot. Which books are interesting. Which books I enjoyed reading.
I find it very rude to talk about dislikes. Let’s go to the positive side.




Dislikes are a part of the opinion, so I don’t think they’re necessarily rude. Just depends how the dislikes are conveyed.

But, I digress lol This sounds like a wonderful idea! Though, I was hoping for more of a trailer situation so I don’t think I be participating but I wish you all the luck with this experience! :slight_smile:

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You could probably get someone to do it for you. I honestly am searching for someone to do it for me lol. Thanks.

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Hi there,
I have a bit of a problem with this thread, as it does not seem to fit the category. I was thinking book trailers, but what you are trying to do is different. We do not have a promo category in the story services. Maybe we should have.
Before I explore further, do I understand you correctly you want to create promotional review videos for Wattpad stories that you place in the social media?

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yes sir

If your still taking request, I thin this idea is cool and i would love if you consider my story Change of Heart

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yes I am. I’ll make sure to add your book now.

Hi! Can you check out my new book, Just The Two Of Us?

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Hi! If you want to, will you check out my book, Breaking Free? I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

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Hello. Yeah, I will. I will add it to my reading list right away.

I hope so :). I’ll head there right away.

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Hi! Just wanted to ask if you only do completed books?

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Not really. But if it’s done then better. I do give chances to other books.

Thanks for your reply! Would you check out my book, Us Before Them?


Thank you!

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Sure I will.

Would you mind checking out my story? It’s a sugar baby/sugar daddy romance.

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Hey… I just started my book… it has 2 chapters… soon 3. Would you be interested?

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