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Hi, all! For those of you on social media, how do you promote your WP writing? I’m on Facebook (yes, I’m old :stuck_out_tongue:), and I haven’t posted it at all. I think I’m embarrassed to and too modest. I’m also afraid of how I’ll be perceived since my novel is VERY different than how people probably view me, especially in my professional life.

So, have you promoted on social media? And, do people have to be signed up on WattPad to view stories?

I use twitter because no one knows my twitter. I’d never share my work on facebook bc I write LGBTQA and I have a very traditionally catholic family :v:


I use Twitter as well for the same reason as @LanaJoKing. I haven’t exactly promoted anything yet, it’s mostly my ramblings of being a writer and retweeting some people that I follow lol but it’s not that bad if you use the right hashtags.


So who is following you on Twitter?

I have some editors following me and random people, I think most of them are writers because I use the hashtag #amwriting and other similar writing hashtags when I post.

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I don’t promote much because self-promotion makes me feel weird inside even though there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s one of the best ways to get your story out there as long as you don’t go overboard. But if need be, I’ll use Twitter or Instagram for it. Probably not on Facebook though :blush:

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That’s how it makes me feel–weird. Like so arrogant.

Why not Facebook? I don’t want to try to get a writer account going on Twitter and have 10 followers. LOL What my thread is about is sharing with my family and friends, who are all on FB.

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I only have 1 active follower and that’s my friend who’s also on Wattpad so when i update she checks out my story so thats why i dont :joy: :heart_eyes: Facebook is a bit more newer to me than Twitter or Instagram :sweat_smile: If you do make an insta or twitter account, I’d love to check it out :sunglasses:

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I used to promote on Facebook as I have an author page, but I’ve been so inactive on it (my last post was in July of last year). xD I honestly don’t know why I’ve been. Maybe because I keep forgetting? :woman_shrugging: :rofl:

But it’s basically the same premise of promoting elsewhere on social media. You can give photos of you writing or photos of updates (or writerly updates). You can talk about reading and writing. You can do simple giveaways (like critiquing or shout-outs) or something like that. Very subtle, simple stuff.

This way the potential readers can see a part into your writing life and what you’re currently up to while also not being bombarded by links to your story or you constantly saying, “CHECK OUT MY STORY.” :wink:

I’m kind of active between Instagram and Twitter. I don’t post every day, but I do check it on a regular schedule. (Again, I don’t know why I’m not doing anything on Facebook lol).

I don’t think so? I just logged out to try this and I’m capable of viewing my own stories? You can try do this on another device that you don’t use Wattpad on and try to read it through there?

Social media can take a while (just like on here), but Twitter is very writerly friendly, actually. xD When I first started on Twitter (which was a few months ago), I was able to reach over 100 followers within a week just by following other writers, people I’m interested in, and participating in conversations and whatnot. I currently have 283 followers (since I began in April).

But yeah, there’s a ton of writers on there who are very supportive of each other. They do retweets of your pinned post, tag you in “follow trains,” and try to help each other with gaining more readers and followers. You’d be surprised at how many writers are on there that have over 1,000 followers. xD


I’m not the person that originally asked but

How do you build you presence on insta? I just started and did the mistake of uploading daily and Idk what to do daily is definitely not the answer and Idk what to post on it either :shrug: heard poetry does well so that’s whay I’ve been posting but the day will come where I just run out of poetry to post


Some ideas for IG = using hashtags, following Wattpad accounts, posting scenes from your story, doing Wattpad reviews, etc. Sometimes progress is slow but dw too much about it :blush: :heart:

Same, its either twitter or insta but rarely if ever Facebook :joy: :sparkling_heart:

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I use Instagram and Twitter but because I write LGBT+ stuffs and, I come from a very modest Muslim family - I only use Twitter for Wattpad. Still, I haven’t promoted my books yet.

I have completely ditched Facebook :joy::joy:

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I use Instagram and I’m also on Twitter, but both are not really to promote my writing. I rarely use twitter although I have lately tried to follow more people I know from Wattpad, and IG is just simply my personal account where I post pictures of flowers, landscapes and cats :joy:

I’m also on FB, but rarely use it and never have thought of connecting it with my writing, because at the beginning it felt weird to have my family and colleagues from work see my writing and now I honestly feel that my FB doesn’t even have the right demographic for my stories, at least not my followers/friends.

So, I think I’m no big help here :joy: I just promote my things on Wattpad and that’s it (for now).

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Talking about hashtag I was told to up my hashtag game XD still getting used to it

How do you chose those scenes? Like seeing my story I am not even sure what would be something that can be shared on its own and still sound good

As for reviews… How do you do that?

I might make it for photography as well XD

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For reviews, just do them naturally, whether it’s short or long. But only do them if you want to, they don’t have to be professional. You can download PicsArt to make the background and fonts fancy (free but has optional premium version)

for story excerpts, try to choose naturally, ones that readers comment on and love. one that you love, one that ends up in a cliffhanger. if you want you can DM me on Ista and I’ll send you some examples from IG.


Does your account have the same username?

Yep :+1: :heart:

Flowers, landscapes and cats are awesome :sunglasses: What is your IG? Tell us :smiling_imp: jk jk only if you want :joy: :heart: