Prompt Game (Characterisation) - Write A Character!

My favourite part of stories is usually creating characters, so I thought it would be fun to just have a whole thread of little character creations! So here’s how I thought it could work:

Person 1 provides a prompt, e.g. father
Person 2 creates a character (or more than 1!) and then provides another prompt for person 3!

The prompt can be anything! Father, Ibiza, waterbottle, Cornish pasty - absolutely anythin’ :slight_smile:

  • I’ll start with the prompt British accent :uk::

Fred was a man of 6’2, who boasted an affected British accent, and a leggy Scandinavian wife. Little had ever been expected of him, and so, to spite the naysayers, he made a small fortune and raised his fair-skinned children to beam perfection from their cappuccino-coloured manes. Whenever he dandled his toothless, smiling daughter on his knee, he felt the satisfaction, not of a fulfilled father, but of a pot-bellied boy who’d proved everybody wrong.

Prompt: blonde

Darrex had been the subject of much gossip growing up, as nobody knew who his father was. His mother had spent a lot of time in the woods, and it was rumored that his blonde hair, unusual in the area, came from a forest demon.
He was shunned and ignored by all the other kids, and his mother had taken good care of him and taught him how to make things.
When she died of an illness he had to leave town because there was nothing left for him there, and he hopes to find work elsewhere and see more of the world.

Hmm… not really feeling it.

Next: Amputee

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Alexander had seen much in his life from his travels across the globe, but there was nothing quite like a cannonball from an attacking ship to put a damper on his adventures. As an amputee, he looks like a normal man of 5’10 stature of Anglo-Saxon descent until his damned pant leg rises when he sits a saloon. People can’t quite figure out how a man gets a wooden leg and they whisper their theories about the stranger; meanwhile, Alexander is adjusting every day to his wooden limb while trying to find the rush that his adventures despite having to stay home.

Prompt: Dog

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Flumpy, the children called him, giving cuddles. He was just that, he flumped around all over the place, not much energy. The vet said his past owners had fed him a lot of chocolate which is very bad for dogs, they could die from chocolate. So they stuck to the diet and today he is a coppery-flame, dashing around.
“Why does he lick us?” they ask,
“Because he’s grateful” says Mum. Today the children call him Grateful… Grateful Flame.

Prompt: Optimist


Laurie saw light in anything she touched. She loved to get up every morning at 5 A.M., though she didn’t have to work until nine. Her routine stayed the same—get up, shower, feed her parrot, make a cup of coffee, and sit on her balcony to watch the sun rise. Every now and then, she would pull out her cello, which hadn’t been played in front of a crowd since her college days, and pluck out a simple tune from the depths of her own brain. Always in a major key, always with a smile. And then when it was time for her to leave, she’d get in her car and drop the top, no matter the weather. The calm gleam of sunshine lit her face and pulled the corners of her mouth upward. Nothing could touch her.

Prompt: winter


Nobody knew where they came from, but an old person named Skyler lived in the house on the edge of town. They were sluggish all through the summer, spending most of the time sick in their house, but in the winter they’d visit all their neighbors and give gifts of things they’d made, pretty garments and carvings.
When it snowed they’d often lie in it until they were buried, and get up later seeming none the worse for the experience. Despite all their eccentricites, Skyler was well loved around town.


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