Prompts with Optional Critiques :D



So my vision for this thread, even though probably exactly 0 people will see it, is that I’ll post a writing prompt of some sort, like a song, a single sentence, a short paragraph, a picture I take, etc. once a week and I’ll read through them on Fridays or Saturdays and give out any critiques. I’ll try to finish up ASAP and post the next prompt right after so that there isn’t too much of a sitting duck period.
Your answers don’t have to be formal at all. As long or short as you want, whatever you want. You can write something including the prompt in it, revise the prompt, describe the prompt, list words the prompt makes you think of, whatever.
You can do this to overcome writer’s block, get your creative juices flowing, use as a book idea (just give me credit for the prompt and notify me somehow), or just have fun!

First prompt:

The day the stars fell, the Queen came down.


I’ll try to give you tips if you want, but I don’t want to become overbearing, so if you want tips:

  1. Say so so I know!
  2. Keep in mind I’m not an expert and I just want to be helpful, so if you disagree with anything I say, there is absolutely no reason to go against your own judgement at all, but please do be open minded. I know critiques can hurt a little, so my definition of critique includes positive feedback, and I always be as gentle but honest as possible with my critiques. That’s also why I’m critiquing prompt responses instead of your works; it’ll be easier to admit to mistakes in a 5 minute writing than something you pour yourself into. Your weaknesses will also hide themselves less well, so you can learn from them instead of suffer with them not knowing they are there.

Longwinded, sorry, but I had to get it out there.


This like totally makes me think of Luna, goddess of the moon.

When her stars fell she had to come down to Earth to get them back up where they belong.

:smile: that would make a cute story


Yeah, that could be really sweet, like if she loved them all or they all had sentimental value or something


The day the stars fell, the Queen came down.

We never knew what caused the stars to fall, or if it had any real connection to the Queen coming down from the Northern Castle, but it didn’t seem possible two near impossible events would just coincidentally occur on the same day. The Queen had not been seen outside the castle grounds for many years. Rumors among the Kingdom attributed this to an abusive King, which was likely not much of a rumor at all. The King had been found guilty of child abuse once, after hitting his youngest daughter, Kieta, so hard that she was left unconscious for a few hours. Kieta was just 6 at the time and had, according to the King, been mouthy and backtalked him while he was disciplining her for causing a member of her personal staff to leave abruptly and request a permit to leave the Kingdom permanently.

I know little of the actual events of that day, but I do know from that day forward, the King was not permitted to reside on the same grounds as his children. So he and the Queen took to the Northern Castle and their 3 children remained in the castle just to the West of the main town. Rumors spread like fire that the King had forced his wife to move with him with plans to have more children in secret, but the Queen denied the claims personally and was never known to bear another child.

The King ensured everything was kept from the Kingdom, including his other two children. Kieta suffered amnesia from the incident and was never able to remember any details, so she was never able to share with her siblings the truth and her pain. We knew her pain though, for Kieta was not the only one he had ever raised a hand to, even though she was certainly the last.

You see. My name is Nilah, and Kieta happens to be my baby sister. I am the king’s firstborn and I knew for myself just how bad my Father could be. I was the beginning of it all, and it was I that ensured an end to it after my sister was hospitalized at his hand.


Critiques are always welcome. I had a lot of fun with this.


That is awesome!! I kinda need more!!!


This was great! You took it in acompletely different direction from where I would’ve taken it, which is super cool, to me at least. One thing I would say is that you didn’t really adress the stars falling too much beyond restating the prompt, which is a bit confusing because, the way I wrote the prompt, that phrase is very ambiguous. What does it mean in your story for the stars to fall? Are meteors hitting the earth? Orbs of light drifting softly down? Celebrities being exposed? But your conclusion was just amazing. It completely grabbed my interest. All I want is to finish reading this story now.


This would be the beginning of a story that would then later address the stars falling. I just couldn’t figure out how I wanted to explain that just yet lol.


That would be really good to keep suspense leading up to a big moment of truth, actually. Sorry for the misunderstanding


Not many people seem to like this prompt (more than 40 people have seen this thread and only 2 interacted (thanks @tinislice and @JustAReader248 !) and I have some time, so here’s a new prompt!

“The snow glows white on the mountain tonight, not a footprint to be seen.”

Also, @vanellet b/c we friends and I think you might find it interesting to read the responses on here (even though there only two, they’re great) and it might be fun for you to do this, which I know bc we friends :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve got a very… interesting personality


Hi there! Just wanted to let you know I love this idea and I’m stalking this thread so I can participiate. I just don’t have time at the moment to write anything.


Thanks! I’m in a different account right now, but I appreciate it!


Hey everyone, I’ll be really busy this weekend, so here’s the next prompt early (and my critiques for those who want will probably be a bit late too):

And finally I see
And finally I know
How it feels to be free

I imagine this as a song btw, just sort of throwing that out there I guess


Again, I will be busy over the next few days, but I’ll have a lot a of free time after this time, so here is a series of related prompts!

  1. What are dreams in this life?

  2. I dream of a bed of roses
    Faraway from here
    Where every one can dance
    Away from cruel jeers

  3. The life of a dreamer is ___…


I’m considering making another thrad just like his oneafter this weekend, so thoughts on that are welcoms. Not sure why, but I kind of just feel like I’m supposed, if that makes sense.


Sounds fine with me! I just finished my last exam for the semester, so I’ll finally be free enough to actually use these prompts.


Link to the new thread if someone actually manages to stumble acroos this and is interested