Proofreading/Editing/Feedback Services (CLOSED)


Hello! I am looking to help people with their stories by proofreading them to help with the editing process. I know writing takes a lot, so I would love to help!

Payment is only that you include that I helped to edit your story (just on the chapters that I help with, or the story if I help with all the chapters)

Feel free to comment on here first or go ahead and private message me and we can work out details :grin:

PLEASE READ: I am constantly accepting all kinds of different works and have a vastly differing workload for certain sections of writing. Because of that, I have made it my goal to be constantly updating the types of works I will accept. These are the current types of writings I will be happy to help with at the moment:

  • Poetry Pieces
  • Short Stories
  • Novellas
  • Essay/Contest

I will update this every time I accept new or different works! Thank you guys for being awesome authors and I wish you guys will have a wonderful holiday season!. :blush:


Just a heads up, this belongs in story services.

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I would like some proof reading.

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Hi there! Offering services to writers is awesome but it does belong in #story-services so I am going to have to move your thread over there as per club guidelines. Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions.

-Mahana258 (Community Ambassador)

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Hey, I’m interested! I have just posted a new book today, so I don’t know if you would be interested in that though as it only has one chapter so far.

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@Mr_Me-sterious and @oasis_soul Thank you both for reaching out! I have messaged you both privately so keep an eye out for me!

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Hey, I was wondering if you could critique a story on Google docs instead of Wattpad. If so, then I’ll gladly share the google doc with you. :slight_smile:


hey! I am interested too. I was wondering if you could help me with editing and proofreading?


@Nat2224 and @iluleeoppa I messaged you both privately so keep an eye out for me in the inbox :grin:


Thanks a ton!



Hiya, do you accept romance?


@angelic_knightmare00 I accept any and all kinds of genres! Keep an eye out in your inbox for me and I’ll be happy to discuss further details with you! :blush:

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Would you be willing to do something long term? I have got a book which is a suspense romance and it needs editing and proofreading.


Hello I was wondering if you’d be willing to help edit my book The Demons Bride I’m going to get it published so I was wanting a second opinion


@Richa_resa and @Fairy_Maiden26 I have messaged both of you! Keep an eye out in your inboxes for me :grin:


hi, are you still available for an edit im in need of some big help with my summary would you be able to have a look and see if you help me


Hi! Are you still accepting chapters?
My current editor had some problems with her laptop and I’ll need help editing the last two chapters of my story. Would you be interested? If so, I’ll send you the form.Thank you!!


Hi, i would like to have a full blown editing from you. :slight_smile: You up for it? Please send me a message or reply.