Pros and Cons to making a romance story mature?


I’ve been writing an mxm romance inspired by a reddit prompt and the story is not mature but I’m drafting a new mxm story and I’m unsure if I should make it mature or not. I’m super new to wattpad, found out about the forums a couple days ago and I’m stuck on this.

I feel like this new story is leaning itself to being mature in a way where my current one is not, but that’s the only real reason I can think of. What are pros and cons to making a romance story mature?



You can take your book to another level.

You’ll gain a following of readers who prefer to only read mature content.


A poorly written or stiff sex scene can ruin a great book.

The book will be hidden for readers sixteen (or seventeen) and under.

You can lose the readers who aren’t a fan of mature content.


I think that you should write what you’re comfortable writing. If you’re comfortable writing mature content then by all means go for it. However if you’re not comfortable writing it, your readers will pick up on that.


You got some great advice already. I also think that some pros are that you can be more free in your writing if you don’t constantly have to think about what is appropriate.


Like other have said so far, do you what is right for your book. Don’t worry about the community or readers. Worry about your characters and what they need to bloom in the way you imagine.

Also, the mature community on Wattpad is BOOMING. Now that mature novels can be ranked and featured, it’s whole new ballgame for us.


Besides what everyone else have said, the very basics of the mature rating is this:

Your book can’t be found through the search engine. (By people younger than 17 and people who have the mature filter on)

And that’s it. People can still find it on the hot lists, featured lists, recommended areas and most importantly: they can still read it.

So there’s really no cons in rating your work mature when it comes to the technical side of it all :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply, and yeah I guess these are the big pros and cons. Even reading this I’m still conflicted.


This advice really changed my perspective on it. I feel like I might write more of the story to see where it’s leading at the moment. But you’re right, maybe this is why I feel like this new story is leaning to mature, since my characters are very different than my current wip. This is something I will continue to think about.


Hmm, that’s interesting. Can they see it if they go through my profile. and if I send a link, anyone can still open it right?


Yep :slight_smile:


Is there a community for mature romances? I know there are lists for other things.


Currently, there is the After Dark Community that last I checked is only semi active. Then, on here there is a thread called Mature Romance Discussion where we have all congregated and talk about our books and writing and the industry for mature romances.

It’s a lovely thread filled with lovely people :slight_smile:


Awesome! Glad to be of help :slight_smile: Best of luck on your story!


Cool thank you.


I don’t really know how to answer that. I am not one to write stories solely for that reason. Kudos to those who do and can. I do write mature books, but it’s more just because that’s a natural part of being an adult etc. I think it works in ways like showing more emotion and creating more drama. (Because we know it brings the drama sometimes!!) As for myself when I write mature I can’t really use the cheesy wording because it makes me uncomfortable. So I just try to be as normal as possible with it. :):smiley: