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Fear Thy Neighbour

After a tragic accident, all Rachel wanted was to give herself and her daughter a fresh start.

A new home, in a safe neighbourhood, and a dream job seemed like the perfect beginning.

However, she couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something strange about her neighbours.

She tried to do what was best for her daughter as a single mother, who worked full-time, while simultaneously enduring the struggles that life threw at her.

Many challenges got in her way, including her neighbours who made her life increasingly more difficult.

Fear Thy Neighbour is a Psychological Thriller riddled with suspense and the constant tormenting after-effects that come with traumatic experiences.


Description: Julia senses that something is wrong with this place. She received news that her Grandma Isa, a vaccine technician and biological scientist, is dead. While grieving for both her grandmother and her grandfather, who died the same day, Julia comes home to where she one lived with them. The Matinbury Estate is a mansion on the shore of the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco California. As Julia finds a letter from Isa in her old bedroom she senses a strange mystery waiting to be solved and secrets to be uncovered. But this story isn’t what you think it is reader. When secrets are within secrets there are always unknown labyrinths to excavate.


Title: 6 Days 'Till Reckoning
Genre: Dark, Dystopian, Tragedy

Then, on the 6th day the world came to an end.
June 16th, year 2132, humans were exposed to the ‘mist,’ Most of humanity was wiped out, but those who remained were granted with what they believed to be immortality. The world was rid from war and death and the people have abandoned God.
Follow the story of Yuuma, an immortal human, on his journey of his last days before ‘The Reckoning’

It’s time to count down the final hours of humanity…



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Annette Baker is a psychologist at a rehab centre in rural Canada who has seasonal affective disorder and an addiction to Xanax. She has been working at the Medicine River Rehab Centre for two years when a patient commits suicide in his bathtub. But, he’s not the first one, he’s the third suicide in three years. Annette gets swept up in the unraveling mysteries of her past, her workplace, and her coworkers all while battling an addiction to prescription pills. As December nears and the cold settles, she becomes increasingly convinced that the three suicides are all connected, not by coincidence but by purposeful massacre.


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