Publisher Scam! Beware



I follow Writer’s Beware:

They post articles about which agents, vanity publishers, and other shady figures in the publishing business.


I was going to suggest this blog. So helpful and it keeps us scam-safe.


It’s definitely helped me wise up to a few vanity publishers in the past. A few years ago, a company called Authorhouse was really hounding me about using their services. Something sounded fishy with their pitch and author relations advisor I was assigned to so I looked them up.

Lo and behold, Writer’s Beware had an article about them. It pays to do your research!


Rule of thumb: ANY “publisher” that pursues you (unless you have done something that truly would bring you to their notice) is likely a scammer. Publishers are overwhelmed with submissions. They don’t have to pursue unpublished writers.


When it comes to titles, covers and marketing of your work–the traditional publisher will do whatever it takes to gets sales. That may mean changing the name of your work, or selecting cover art that not only matches and genre but stands out enough to catch a reader’s eye.

They will also offer editing services (for free) that will bump up the story quality. It’s quite the exciting and educational experience. Wouldn’t’ve traded it for the world.

Good luck with your writing adventure. :slight_smile:


Two of my published stories had their titles changed at the instance of my publishing houses. I was bummed at first, but now I love the new titles.
They usually change things that aren’t marketable or the readers may not like. I had an editor who put it pretty easily for me.
I’m creating a product for the public. I need to make sure that the public will want to buy it. So I have to tweak things and make it even better than it was, so everyone else can discover how awesome my product is.


What does that mean? Why is it bullshit? It sounds reasonable


I was unable to post a new topic so sorry if this in posted in the wrong place!
I received this message and need some advice on whether to carry on with this.

They have since emailed me a contract with options either to keep my work on wattpad or a sample of 5 chapters. See below

thanks for everyones help

I am Caroline from Dreame (www dot dreame dot com), a brand-new platform with an aim to further promote and expand the reading base of our female-orientated writers and meantime help build a girl-friendly reading experience.
I came across your books and was wondering if you’d be interested in working with us as a signed writer. We will offer a fair price and only for the digital copyright and the author still retains the copyright.
Dreame originates from FicFun, a web publishing and international sharing platform or original English fiction, with an aim to further promote and expand the reading base of our female-oriented writers.
If you are interested in this collaboration, please send me email and remember to leave your user name on Wattpad because many authors contact me every day and I need to recognize you with your user name. Thanks!


I got a fairly generic message from Dreame a while ago with a similar offer. I wrote back asking what rights they wanted to license from me and how much they were offering to pay. I never got a reply, so either they’d already filled their monthly quota by the time I wrote to them, or they realised I was too savvy to be worth the bother of trying to scam :slight_smile:


thank you!


Because you can pay it yourself, and publish yourself and keep all the earnings for yourself.

Or you can go through a real publisher that won’t ask you to pay 50% of the costs. You’ll likely not pay a dime yourself - most of what you’ll have to do is promotion. Like reaching out to blogs to do a blog tour.

It smells like vanity publishing.

@Lexie-lou7 they’ve sent me the exact same PM. I don’t write female orientated work, so they’ve not even read it. That’s a pretty big red light there.


One more thing I forgot to add :sweat_smile:

You might have to pay for some of the promotion through an actual publisher - but it really depends on your contract and how big the publisher is.


Never going to get published anyways, so I can thank the gods I don’t need to worry about this rabbit’s hole


I Googled “Dreame Scam” and there was one link saying the same thing. They are bad, bad news.

I’d call that lucky, smart or both. :smile:


Because it’s always a risk for Trad publishers. They make estimates if your book will sell. Your Manuscript IS the investment you should never have to pay additionally for it. They should be paying you. With self publishing you are footing the cost of the editing and marketing etc but you aren’t paying anyone to publish your book. That’s why it’s so problematic


Yep Run


Didn’t read the entire thread just saw you covered it :man_facepalming:t4:


I do it aaaall the time, my friend :joy:


Honestly most legitimate agencies would actually contact wattpad and HQ should know about it if a said publisher wanted your work similar to how @Pandean got her offer, though most time publishers aren’t searching around for new work they already have piles of submissions. BUT IF you are contacted always do a background check on them if they have good track record in publishing if not or they appear to be very new then be very wary as it can be a false name of some sort as many times scams change their names and start over for a number of years.


I was called? lol

Actually, it’s more like Wattpad has a team of people who have background in both agenting, publishing, entertainment stuff in LA and whatnot. Like think of it as they’re own little agency, almost. Because they have similar background and connections as most agents. Sometimes they take on people, like Anna Todd of After fame and, well, me, and they use their connections like any other agent would.

They did contact me first, though, which makes sense since they were watching my book.

Funnily enough, a lot of agencies tried to poach me from them once the deal was announced.