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Hello Fellow Writers,
I am looking to publish my children’s books one is a series and the other is a stand-alone. Plus I want to sell my comic idea to a comic publisher with characters and plot to a publisher. Can anyone suggest a publisher to me or know someone who I can talk with or query?

For access to the high end of the publishing world i.e. those publishers you have heard of and who regularly have books in bookstores, you need an agent. is a good place to start to look for agents who work in the US marketplace. To submit to them you’ll need a query letter, have a look at Queryshark to learn how these work.


I only know for sure about the book publishing industry, but I don’t imagine the comic industry is any different in this regard. They’re not interested in talking to you unless you have something they can sell. They can’t sell an idea or a plot, because readers don’t buy ideas or plots - they buy books (or comics) that have ideas and plots in them. I don’t know exactly what the publisher would want to see, but it would have to be more substantial than “here are some characters and this is what happens to them.”

An exception would be if you already had a reputation as a writer or artist, so that readers would be willing to buy something that had your name associated with it.

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I have finished the children’s books I just need to add illustration to them and the comic book is based off a movie series that is being sold. Burning Skiez trilogy. I have the characters created and the movie script for the comic series. I am trying to find a good place to publish that is well known.

Children’s book publishers generally hire illustrators for the books they take

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