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I am looking for a publisher is anyone else here a published Author?

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Big-5 or other? If Big-5, you’ll need to find a literary agent to represent you.

If other, it would help if you specify the genre. The smaller publishers are often genre specific (so are literary agents, btw).


There are several published authors here. I’m traditionally published in nonfiction.

Start at the top and work down. That means big publishers first, which means an agent. You can create a list of agents at

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You can look at this list from the independent book review.

Well the books I have now are crime Thrillers but i also have 2 children books one is a series but they don’t have illustrations. I want a publisher who will help promote and I have a talent agent already she is waiting for replies.

Err… I thought finding a publisher was your agent’s job. Otherwise why is she even involved?

ETA: I assumed that “I want a publisher” meant you were asking us for recommendations.

I write songs and multi-genre books and screenplays.

Okay, but those are not sold/repped the same way. (Songwriters don’t need agents – they connect with labels and artists themselves. Honestly, so do screenwriters. They’re more likely to have a manager than an agent.)

If you have a screenplay agent, they’re not going to get you a book publisher. If you have a literary agent, they’re not going to rep your screenplay.

If your agent is a literary agent, it’s her job to find you a publisher. You do NOT approach publishers yourself. That’s the way to have an ex-agent, because you’re making her job a LOT harder.

What kind of agent do you have, and what has she sold for you?


sorry it took so long to reply my agent is a talent agent and I have signed with a publisher. She is in the process of selling my scripts to some T.V. people and we are waiting to hear back this week hopefully. The publisher I got myself though she did submit to others on my behalf.

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Can we ask what publisher you went with?

Crazy Ink

These folks?

huh… their works page doesn’t have any functional links, just the links in text.

I hope not. Red flags all over the place.

yes Crazy Ink Publishing