Publishing on Interactive platforms

Hello, everyone!
I was recently contacted by a company that develops interactive games based on stories published here on Wattpad.
As far as I’ve found it’s a legit and serious company. It hosts extremely popular stories and turns them into an interactive format (kind of choose-you-own-adventure game).
Does anybody have experience publishing or better working with these type of companies?
Thanks a lot for your comments and help!


I vaguely recall this came up some time ago, but I can’t find it in a search. Maybe it was in the old forums.

Regardless it comes down to the contract. It ALWAYS comes down to the contract. How much are they paying, and what are you giving up in return?

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Are you talking about platforms like Episode and/or Choices?

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Are you comfortable sharing the ne of the company? I know Choice of games is legit, but they focus on original stories.

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