Publishing/Posting An Entire Book At Once

We can only publish parts of a story at a time, and for me this takes a long time especially when I unpublish an entire story but want to re-publish it again later.
Lots of stories have hundreds of parts and it’s incredibly inconvenient and time-consuming to go back and repost each and every part at a time, which can be easily fixed by having the option to re-publish/post a complete story in one quick click of a button. Please take this into consideration, Wattpad.

Am I right, guys?

  • We need this!
  • I don’t agree :confused:

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This is a good topic, so I’m surprised it didn’t get more - or any - replies. I think it may boil down to ‘What is Wattpad, really?’

One thing it isn’t is a conventional web-based bookstore like Amazon, where readers expect to find only complete works.

Wattpad started as, and for the most part still is, a social writing site for serialized works. It’s a core aspect of it that the works come out chapter by chapter on some schedule, so that readers have a chance to anticipate and comment on each new chapter as it appears, and the writer has a chance to adapt subsequent chapters to the feedback.

I think as the ratio of completed works to in-progress works has increased (now, completed works probably dominate in totality, though Wattpad’s ranking algorithm keeps a lot of in-progress works in the hot-lists), members have become more interested in taking actions at the ‘whole book’ level. You mention another good reason to want to do this: re-posting after a whole-book edit.

But I still have the feeling that it’s a bit counter to the spirit of Wattpad to place and act on books all at once. Many writers - myself included - like to see the reader reaction as the chapters dribble out on a regular schedule. That’s why, though my own current book is finished, I’m okay with taking the time and effort to dribble it out.

What I would vote for it to make that process more efficient. Many people have asked for timed posting (you make all the chapters private, then have WP automatically switch them to visible on a schedule). I guess that would help in your case, too, if you could choose to make them visible on a 1 second schedule.

Wattpad’s web-based writer interface is also sadly clunky and function-poor. You can’t even center text (it pretends you can, but it doesn’t work, at least with the two browsers I’ve tried it on). Copy-paste is terrible - much worse than with other writer sites I know of.

A last point: I’ve seen a number of recommendation to NOT post an entire new work at once. Apparently that’s a good way to hurt your visibility and ranking and reader numbers. People will suddenly see a ‘Completed’ novel with lots of chapters and very few reads and votes. They will skip over it and not bother to try it, because the reads and votes are so much lower than usual for its length. Few reads and votes on a completed work - must be terrible, right?

I know you’re talking about re-posting, which is different, esp. if you are re-posting something you have not ‘un-published’. One Wattpad issue with respect to re-posting in any way, is that it removes all the inline comments. They get pushed to the bottom, where it is hard to see the context. To me, that feels a little bit disrespectful to the readers who bothered to leave those comments, so once a chapter has been up long enough to accumulate some inline comments, I try to avoid re-posting. I might re-post to fix some real awful blooper, but not to fix little things.

Anyway, thanks for starting a good thread.


I agree. It helps… Suppose I have a book with 60 chapters… I unpublish to edit,. Then when I publish again my poor followers will get 60 notifications and it spams their notifications page and newsfeed… It would avoid spam.

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YESSS! The majority of some of my uploads are just me editing and fixing multiple chapters and it confuses people


Yes, to say the least of how much improvement it would make

Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly think about this and to reply accordingly. I appreciate your input.

Far as I know, You have to specially code a file to just unpublish or publish some part of it. I suppose Wattpad considers each “part” a separate file, but as they do keep a link-library of some sort for each titled work, and track all those parts, I have to assume they make authors go through all this on purpose, not by omission. Dunno.

My only question is how would they execute this well? There’s still got to be a way to separate the chapters when putting an entire book up all at once and the only way I know how to do that is by doing it one chapter at a time. I don’t know if there is a program that could identify where a chapter ends and starts and do it automatically or not. If there is, I’ve never heard of it.

If you published your book week by week, you’ll have a higher chance to get noticed. If you post it all at once, that was your chance to get recognized on Wattpad.

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I only just realized that if I put a story back into draft, I’d have to repost each and every chapter separately. And I’ve been on here since 2014. I will think twice before I take a whole work out again, for sure!

And this is good advice. The nature of Wattpad is serialization.

It’s true because sometimes when we are writing a story, we don’t even know if we’ll complete it, and it can be very annoying for the readers when the writer just loses enthusiasm and stops writing. So we need this so that authors who are writing know that the readers will get to know the end of their story and won’t be disappointed.

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I agree with you by the way. The time when I also republished my book again, and to think that novel of mine have many chapters. I have individually and manually published each chapter. And it is time consuming.

Not certain there is any difference, save that Wattpad’s posting system for novels makes posting entire novels … difficult. Also, some Popular processors are not Wattpad friendly, and you end up having to make hundreds of corrections to separate shoved together words, regardless if you boilerplate chap by chap or not. As regards serializing a work, or stretching out posting chapters, I haven’t seen any hard stats showing it to be useful or not useful. Maybe there are some, but I have not seen any in the few years I’ve been on it. It certainly does not affect my reading or sampling of work. Certainly anything up, stays up, and visible till you remove it. The sheer size of the library, or slush pile, of stuff here, makes discovery problematic,and yes the large part of the pile seems to be incompleted junk, but, I suppose its like buying a lottery ticket. There’s always that faint hope a mess of people will find yours and read it - a source of encouragement, I suppose. Might have something to do with the popularity of the handful of works that get high numbers, though I think just placing higher in the listings so people don’t have to scroll down forever to find it has more to do with its click bait count. Dunno.

Mmmm…you could be right. Do what works best for you. I know what I intend to do in the future is write, rewrite, and polish offline first but then post three “chapters” a week. I might tell readers in advance that the book is completed offline so they can trust I won’t drop the story halfway through.

Sounds to be a good compromise.