Hello everyone,

I am new to Wattpad and I wanted to know if you can still make changes to a story you publish to Wattpad after you publish it?

**EXAMPLE: I publish Part 1 of a story and then after I have ‘clicked publish’ I happen to spot a spelling error! Can I still make amendments? Or once it is out there, is that it, no more changes or amendments can be made?

Thank you.

For sure! You can make lots of edits :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thank you for responding and sharing your knowledge with me. :smiley:

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You’re welcome! Let me know if you have other questions and perhaps I can answer or refer you to someone who can

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You can make an endless amount of edits. However, be aware that some weird things can happen between your desktop and app version. For example, one of my friends went to edit her chapter on Wattpad through her desktop browser. At the end, it duplicated her chapter, and wouldn’t go away.

When she hit preview, the story was twice as long because the duplication was still there. She checked the same story from her phone and everything was fixed, so was the typo. The desktop version was still messed up. There’s other weird little differences you’ll see between the desktop vs app when it comes to edits. Some won’t look like they were applied. You can always check from another phone or computer to make sure, or ask a friend to take a really quick look and point out the area they need to see for verification that the edit went through.

From what I know, these issues aren’t extremely common, so there’s that. :slight_smile:


I only use the desktop function never had an issue with edits…but I have never used the phone app to do any editing so…

Yeah, Wattpad does weird stuff. It actually cut the chapter in half and duplicated that half of it. I’ve seen it happen to other people. What I saw when I went in to edit it was that it was perfectly fine, but when I published it and looked at it, it had that duplication problem. Everyone else would see it as fine, but it freaked me out for sure. @English_Rosemary It’s just something to keep in mind. Don’t freak out if it happens! Just a bug :slight_smile:


Thank you for your advice @Ebattleon and @The_Golden_Sphinx