Query Submission Form Question

Hello! I’m planning on querying my novel soon, and I have a question regarding the query submission form. It has a space for a biography and asks to tell a little bit about yourself and your publication credits. I already included one in my query letter and it’s fairly short as I don’t have much for publishing credits. Do I include the same bio in this box as I have in my query letter, or do I delete the bio from my query letter and just include it here? Or do I write a different, longer bio on the form?

For reference, here is the bio I have in my query letter:

I am currently pursuing a B.A. in English-Creative Writing and am a violinist and pianist.

Thanks for your help!

You mean Query Manager? I would leave the paragraph in your query AND include it (or maybe even a longer version of it) in the form.

Yep! Okay, thank you so much.

Also, if ten pages are requested and the first chapter of my manuscript is nine pages, should I still send over ten pages or stop after the first chapter?


If they’re asking for ten I’d send ten.


Okay, thanks so much!

I would NOT duplicate the bio in the query letter if there’s a separate slot for it. rEason - looks too much like a standard letter. You need to be seen to individualise.