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Hello! I am wrapping up a book that I would like to send in for publishing. Someone here sent QueryTracker my way, but I barely recognize any of the publishers there. Are all of the people on there safe to send my books too? I don’t want to be scammed or anything. Thank you!


STRONGLY recommend focusing on agents not publishers.

Most publishers require agents to submit. The small ones that don’t mostly offer nothing you couldn’t do yourself – no wide distribution, no advance, limited editing. They’re legit, just not worth your trouble.

But, to answer your question, you need to check out any publisher or agent before you submit, but if you choose to skip that step, it’s likely the agents and publishers on Querytracker are legit. (I repeat, though, “legit” doesn’t necessarily mean worth subbing to.)

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Makes sense. Thank you! I was looking through the Agents and a BUNCH of the publishers I never heard of. I’ll definitely do my research! :slight_smile:


For agents, see who they’ve gotten published. For publishers, check if they’re with a major distributor – the only thing a self-published author can’t do for herself. That said, a publisher that’s limited to ebooks and print-on-demand may be worthwhile if they specialize in your genre and connect to an audience that’s specifically interested in that (common with erotica).

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How? (Not argumentative – wondering if you know of an easy way to find out if they actually have books on shelves, as opposed to being listed in Ingrams. Anyone can list in Ingrams, which means bookstores can order the book… but it doesn’t mean they’ll choose to stock it.)

I suppose if you can identify the books they have recently published or ones they list as their best sellers, you can call a Barnes & Noble and see if they have any of the books in stock. Or maybe just make a big list, take a trip in, and do your own research.


For publishers, you should also look their books up and see their rank. Don’t focus on their rank in a their very specialized, drilled down category – publishers (and self publishers) like to claim they’re “Amazon Best Sellers” because they’ve created a specialized category with no competition! Focus on the book’s overall rank. Are they actually SELLING books?

When their books consistently rank in the millions, you can be pretty sure they’re not selling much.

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No, I don’t know how to check if a bookstore is carrying a publisher, short of walking into the bookstore itself. However, I agree that Amazon is a good place to check if the publisher’s books actually sell. @fallenperidot , I’ll add that on Amazon, you can’t really search for books by publisher. The best you can do is find a few books listed on the publisher’s website and look them up individually.

Thank you so much! I`m a bit nervous, not going to lie, but this helped!