Question about Daisie app


Not sure if this is the right forum per se, but it seems like the best one, anyway…

Just wondering if anyone has heard about this new app called Daisie. I say app, but I hope it can also simply be used on a PC (not a mobile person myself). I heard about it while watching the girl from Game of Thrones on The Tonight Show the other day, apparently she’s a part-owner of it, if I got that right. It’s supposed to help people collaborate.

Not sure I understand it fully. Would a writer like myself use it to interest directors in my short-film scripts? Are actors cast from it? Does it have a crowdfunding component to raise money for projects?

Anyway, thinking of signing up (or, if I understand this, sending an email to request an invite) and wanted to know if anyone is already on it. I’m an older person who is not social-media savvy, so just wanted to get more insight. Also hoping this is a safe environment, and how much personal info I would have to divulge. My goal is to see a short script of mine made into a film and exhibited at festivals.


I hadn’t heard of it until you mentioned it, so I looked it up. Their website is pretty generic, so I don’t know. I really can’t tell anything about it from it. It’s all general, standard information except the list of 6 people involved or something like that. I’m not sure.


I know Daisie because I follow Maisie on social networks, but I never applied. Maisie is a professional person anyway, the app is still young and Maisie would reply to anyone who asks questions about it on social networks. Here is a review of the app: